Baby A: seven months

Out about town
After almost two years I finally made the time to have a night out. Excited was an understatement! As baby A wasn't planned and came out of the blue I never had a last shabang to get it out my system. Unlike the BD I couldn't just decide to go out for a piss up, I have responsibilities now. A tiny person that depends on me 24/7 to keep him alive.

There was a lot of pressure for this night to be perfect but I had a whirlpool of anxieties swimming around my head. Would I be able to handle my liquor? Does what I'm wearing accentuate post pregnancy and make me look like a fat cow? And more importantly will baby A be okay? I knew he would be in safe hands at his Nanny's house surrounded by his aunts and cousins so off I went. Nothing's changed. The drinks are still expensive and the guys are just as sleazy (why do guys get offended and feel the need to throw insults when you decline their advances?). All in all it was an amazing night out filled with dancing (thank you baby A for the extra junk on the trunk - it came in handy) and drinking (vodka soda is an abomination!! Why do people put themselves through that? Don't try it. It's vile. Unless bubbly watered down vodka is your thing) and I'm looking forward to the next. I also had the chance to catch up with an old friend at MeatLiqour. I have to say I LOVE this place. During pregnancy pickles were my ultimate craving and I've carried that with me to this day. Pickled gherkins. Pickled onions. Pickled crisps. The lot. And MeatLiqour caters to my obsession with a weird selection of pickled delights including fried pickles and the Pickle Jack - a shot of pickle juice to compliment a shot of Jack Daniels (yes, this is a thing. Yes it's delightful. Try it!). And if you're having a 'go hard or go home' day I recommend the Game Over - a concoction of vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, pisang ambon, absinthe, fresh lemon juice and tropical red bull.

What's that thud?
February has been an exciting month in terms of the development of baby A. Within the space of a week he's hit some pretty big milestones - learning to pull himself up and crawl!! Unprepared is more than the understatement of the century. It's as if he's made a game out of repeatedly bumping into things and can scan the room for things he shouldn't touch, darting for them when nobody is looking. Gone are the days of plonking him in his ball pit to catch up on the latest ep of Scandal. I now have to be constantly on alert because sitting still is a luxury of the past. His determination to bruise every inch of his forehead aside, watching his little bum wiggle as he explores his surroundings is quite entertaining.

Tiny tantrums
One of the few hurdles we're trying to overcome at the moment are baby A's bouts of separation anxiety. The majority of the time I look after him with little help so naturally he has latched on to me. He's always been a happy and content baby, willing to go to anyone who'll hold him and was able to settle himself quickly in his cot at night so his anxiety was really out of the blue. They're fuelled when he's picked up by unfriendly faces and occasionally when he notices me leaving the room. And an even stranger development is crying when I enter a room whilst he's having fun with someone else.. Weird.. Hopefully he'll naturally overcome this after a while when he starts nursery soon.

Barking mad
In my experience the playgroups I've visited were full of older mums who gaze at me with judgmental eyes for being a younger mother (well, 23..). There's nothing wrong with older mothers but please don't feel the need to visibly critique my parenting methods. If putting a smile on my sons face means barking like a dog and poking my tongue out, I will. Personally, I'm much more at ease at soft play centres. I'm free to run around, pull ugly faces and get as messy as I want. I've been taking baby A to a small local soft play centre and he seems to really enjoy it. He's slowly getting used to other babies and toddlers being around him too. Being around adults so much he wasn't used to other children crawling and running towards him and would cling to me and cry. Watching him hand toys to other babies with to play with fills me with joy. Does anyone else panic when their baby gets a bit too over excited when swinging their arms and ends up swatting other babies in the face?

Big boy party
The prospect of taking baby A to his first big family celebration and showing my little potato off had me reeling with excitement. The reality was quite bleak to be honest. Separation anxiety kicked in and my boy refused to leave my arms, even with familiar faces. Thus, the evening was filled with 3+ hours of dancing whilst carrying my 18lb son who didn't want me to sit down and leaving before the cake was cut because my potato had finally had enough and conked out. Parenthood eh.

Do it for the money..
With the confirmation of my sons nursery place, my return to work is imminent (eek!). What I look forward to the most is being treated like a newbie and having to deal with irate customers who are convinced they can do my job blindfolded and balancing a bowl of fruit on their head (note to self: keep calm. Smile. Think of the money).

50 shades of *yawn*
Whilst I'm a big fan of baby cinema, their screenings can be very limited (would it kill them to show Resident Evil or Split??). You guessed it, 50 Shades of Grey was this months movie. I'll be honest, after the first one I wasn't expecting much from the sequel - but I'll do just about anything to get out the house with my boy. It was even more disappointing to say the least. The acting was abysmal so much so that my favourite part was when baby A decided that the best response to someone almost getting shot was to applaud.

Something fishy..
I finally ventured further into central London and took baby A to Sea Life with his older cousins. A word of advice - DO NOT visit this attraction during half term. The sheer volume of people was enough to send a claustrophobe like me crazy! On the other hand my son loved it (determined to grab the fish through the glass an jump in for a play date with the stingrays) and surprisingly stayed awake the entire time despite missing his morning nap.

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