Winterville, Clapham Common

With my little one on the up I decided to take him and his older cousins to Winterville at Clapham Common over the weekend. For those of you who are unaware of Winterville, it’s a Christmas village filled with various forms of entertainment including a fair, live shows, food and drink stalls and a market.
Having been to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland a few years ago I knew what I was getting myself in for. The hustle and bustle. The long queues. Tourist galore. Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to having to go through all of that, especially now with a 17 month and my two younger cousins in tow and being the only responsible adult which of course meant having to hold all of the bags whilst the kids go on the rides (sidebar: why did one of my cousins decide to pack everything??? The only thing missing was the kitchen sink!). But I was pleasantly surprised as there didn’t seem to be any of that. It was pretty empty. Not the kind of empty you see when you drive past those half term fairs at the local park, there were quite a few people. But it was nice. Not too packed out. I would have had enough room to swing my son around by the toes and then some. 

On our way in our bags were searched on the way in by two very friendly members of security. After drawing out cash from the on-site cashpoints and a quick candyfloss run we headed to the bumper cars and adult rides. After my cousins had enough excitement for the evening we headed to the children quarter of the village. From the mini rollercoaster to single seat bumper cars designed especially for little bums, the hook-a-bag stall with guaranteed prizes and giant play house with mirror maze included you can tell that the kids entertainment was well thought out. 

Because we were lucky enough to visit when it wasn’t so busy a lot of the time my little’un (accompanied by his big cousins) were able to have the rides to themselves (which was great because they were able to slow the rides down allowing him to go on things I wouldn’t have usually let him go on. 
All in all in all it was a great evening. I’d give the entertainment a solid 8/10. It got a bit nippy towards the end of the evening so we left before doing the whole circuit but were planning to go back and see what the food stalls and markets have to offer and to see Santa. If you prefer a more relaxed vibe with your kids I recommend Winterville. On the flip side it does work out quite expensive. Rides only accept tokens as payment and many cost about four tokens a ride so it can work out pretty pricey if you’re travelling with the family.

MaMa Knicks Top Tips:
  • Wrap up! The cold snuck up on us out of nowhere. 
  • Have your own designated little person – whether it’s a sister/brother/cousin. Bring someone along to cram into those smaller rides with your little’ un just in case you can’t. Because believe me some of those rides were a tight fit and I was glad I wasn’t the one who had to squeeze into them (thanks cousins!)
  • Take out money beforehand. Every attraction accepts tokens, not cash/card payments. The on site cashpoints charge a withdrawal fee of £2.50 so try to take out money before you get to Winterville. I’d also recommend taking out more than enough because I only saw cashpoints at the entrance and having to go back and forward is a bit of a trek. 
  • Some of the ride operators were open to haggling the ride prices when we went in a group or rode multiple times. 

Winterville is open from 23 Nov – 1st Jan.

Sun – Thur 11:30am – 10pm. Fri – Sat 10:30am – 10:30pm. There is an entry fee on Friday and Saturday nights.

All in all Winterville is a five star for me as it has every kind of entertainment your little'un could ask for.

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