Callous Commuters

I’ve just about had it with public transport. Actually, no I haven’t. It’s convenient and gets me from A to B. What I’ve really had it with are the pretentious, arrogant scumbags that use public transport. Now I try to be as respectably as possible in public. I believe in personal space. I wont invade yours, you wont invade mine. If a mishap occurs we apologise, avoid each other and get on with our lives. Simple. I’m not one of those people that likes to squash up myself so that I’m pressed up against some random strangers sweaty chest for the majority of my journey so if a packed out bus/train comes along I’ll wait for the next one. I avoid packed places like the plague. That being said when I’m travelling, toddler in tow, with a pram I feel like I have a target on my back.

Let me set the scene.. It’s pissing it down. I’m hungry, tired and running late. The day has only just started and I already want it to end. After spending half an hour trying to convince my one-and-a-half year old that his pram raincover isn’t going to kill him we’re off.
It’s about 9.45am on a Wednesday morning. Rush hour means the odds are already against me as I sprint into the train station. I let out a sigh of relief as I walk down to the platform because the station seems to be pretty empty. It’s looking like a hassle-free morning. Fantastic. For some reason a middle aged woman on her phone decides to stand about a metre to my left when there’s plenty of room along the platform (why do people do that??? It’s like when a bus is almost empty and someone decides to sit right next to you as if they don’t see the other rows of empty chairs). I don’t really think anything of it, after all she’s hardly in my pocket. Anyway, the train starts to pull in and all of a sudden BANG! She walks into my pram (as in my sons legs that are hanging off of the pram!!!!!). Now I really expected her to stop, turn around and apologise but no. This heifer keeps walking as if she’s trying to force the pram to tip over an for my child to fall onto the platform, or worse under the train. Now I went into full Mumma Bear mode, ramming her with the pram and shouting ‘YOU STUPID B***H WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT?! YOU ALMOST RAMMED MY CHILD OUT OF HIS PRAM’ at the top of my lungs. A few people turned around to see what the ruckus was about but I didn’t care. How dare she???

We both boarded the train, her sitting in the window seat closest to the door, me standing with my pram by the doors. You know when you can feel the daggers in the back of your head? I glimpse over and she’s on Facetime to some scrawny little guy and it’s as if she keeps checking to see whether I’m looking or not so she can get me in the frame. Why is she trying me today? I’m really not the one. Not now, not ever. As far as I’m concerned she’s tried to intentionally hurt my son and doesn’t have a leg to stand on so I turn to face her, cock my head to the right, give her my best ‘youwan sum? I’ll givitya!’ look and raise my left brow. I may have kissed my teeth and asked her what her problem was too (what can I say? I take after my Aunt). She doesn’t give me any eye contact for the rest of the journey and we both get off at the same stop and go our separate ways.

Why did it have to escalate though? Why couldn’t she have just apologised and not tried to knock my son out of his pram to board the basically empty train first? I get this a lot when I’m out and about. People like to assume that because I have a pram (or even just a toddler with me) that they can shove me about and walk all over me. Newsflash: you cant. And yes I feel entitled. Entitled to be treated with a level of respect where my personal space isn’t invaded. Don’t you? It cant just be a London thing. Can we all just get along?

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