Oversharing Online

I’ve been following this one mother on social media for a while now (not creeping. As you do, no biggie). Anyway, she’s made it no secret that she’s raising her children alone and that the father of her children is useless (her words not mine) but recently she posted picture of her kids alongside her baby daddy and the amount of people that had negative reactions towards it was quite ridiculous. I read so many comments from complete strangers scathing this mother for letting her kids father back in their life, how he’s going to ‘X..Y..Z’ her again, how she should know better and deserves everything she gets now. How her kids deserve better parents.. Of course there were positive comments too but its interesting how over invested some people can be towards someone they’ve never met.

Really and truly if it was my business I would have become a keyboard warrior and had a lot to say. Firstly, it was just a photo. RELAX. You don’t know the story behind it. It may just be a father innocently spending time with his children. Co-parenting at its finest. Or It may be more. And so what if it is? That’s her business. Yes, its cliché but you really cant help who you love at the end of the day. Yes, she’s made it public knowledge that he can be quite a questionable father/partner but they’re now on good terms so if she wants to be with him that’s her choice, not yours. Let her make her own ‘mistake’. Plus there are two sides to every story.

I think people forget that the person on the receiving end of their comments is a real human with real emotions. And situations change. As do people. We grow. What was right for one person at one point in time (separating for instance) may not be right now. I guess that’s what comes with social media and sharing (and possibly oversharing) your personal lives online. Your followers (and those good old trolls) are going to feel the need to weigh in on every situation. Just be mindful that the person on the other end of the screen is real. 
That’s why you’ve barely seen me post about my baby daddy on social media (you’ll probably find about 2 maybe 3 pictures of him) because I don’t have time to sit there and defend my actions to every Tom, Dick and Harry with an opinion who thinks they know my life better than I do. There are days when I sit there and chill with my baby daddy (with my son of course – I don’t just randomly call my baby daddy up and ask him to come hang out of boredom, that would be weird) and there are days when I do everything in my power to avoid him at all costs (my baby daddy, not my son) because he’s either pissed me off or is in a bad mood because something hasn’t gone his way. And if it were to ever get to the point where I were to slag him off all day everyday then decided to get back with him (and I’m not saying this because its going to happen, I’m using it for EXPLANATORY PURPOSES ONLY) that would be my choice. Not yours. And yes you’re entitled to your opinion but …… Actually, whoa. This post has taken a really strange turn (a really, really strange turn there) so I think its best I leave it here.

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