Too much sauce...

Does anybody else’s kid only seemed to like meals that are drenched in condiments????? My son never used to be a picky eater – literally he’d eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that was put in front of him. But for some strange reason these past few months he’ll only eat his Lunch/dinner if they’re overflowing in either ketchup or mayonnaise. WHYYYYYYY!!??
And I don’t mean a little dollop on the side of his plate or a tiny squeeze over his food, I mean a whole loada sauce doused over everything to the point where you can’t even recognise what he’s eating. And when I say everything I mean everything. Even the things they don’t mix with. I have no idea how this even started either.

And before you hit me with the ‘maybe he doesn’t like your food’ stick he does it to his dads food too and his dad cooks amazingly (it’s a good thing he isn’t reading this or it would have gone straight to his head). Its weird, like a psychological thing because I’ll give him his food with little/no sauce on and he’ll spit it out but as soon as I flood it with ketchup or mayo he loves it. BUT he’ll gladly sit there and eat off of my sauce-free plate (frankly, I’m sick of the stuff now, even smelling it makes me heave) even though its exactly the same thing he’s just spat out?????  

All I know is I’m going to have to out in place some kind of sauce-weaning strategy soon because its going too far. Can you even tell what he’s snacking on in the pictures???? 


I literally have three options
1)      I make him go cold turkey to the point where he has no option but to eat what’s in front of him
Disadvantages: Wasted food. Possible starvation of said toddler due to refusal to eat
Advantages: Maybe he’ll get hungry enough and give in to going sauce free
2)      Decide to change him to a full time sauce based diet. A bowl of ketchup for breakfast. Mayo for lunch and I’ll spruce things up and give him a mixture for dinner
Disadvantages: Can you overdose on sauce? I’m guessing it doesn’t really count as a balanced diet either…
Advantages: Cheaper weekly shop. No need to slave about in the kitchen. Less washing up (he can suck it straight out of the tube)
3)      Just letting him carry on with this gross habit because YOLO (ugh did I really just YOLO)
Disadvantages: I now hate ketchup/mayo. It cant be good for him in the long run..
Advantages: He's eating well. Gross, but well...

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