What to get for the boy who has everything

(Spoiler alert: everything he doesn't need)

So I’ve really been struggling to find the perfect gifts for my son this Christmas. Those of you who’ve seen my Snapchat (SC: SnappingKiraa) know how many toys this kid has already. I didn’t want a repeat of last year when I went shop-crazy so I reigned it in this year. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s in Santa’s sack this Christmas…

  1. Boon Multicoloured Pipes Bath Toy, Amazon. £10.98
The clue’s in the name really. Five colourful pipes that suction to the side of the bath . As if it wasn’t hard enough to get him out of the bath already.. I’ve just gone and made it 10x harder.. Ugh. I can picture it now, most of the bath water ending up on the floor. Yup, I’m regretting this purchase already. The pipes are intended for 12months+ 

  1. SmartMax Basic 42 Piece Construction Kit, Amazon. £44.99
I think this gift was more for me than my son to be honest because I miss my old Knex sets. All of the pieces are quite large, perfect for little hands and I love that you can buy add-on’s if necessary. Its for age 1+

  1. Bosch Workbench with Sound, Mothercare. Now £35
This was a spur of the moment buy in Mothercare and boy was it a mission getting this home on the bus by myself. He’s always been fascinated with his Grandads work tools and is definitely going to love trying to smash holes in the walls. This toy is aimed at 3years+

  1. ALEX Toys Little Hands Learn To Dress Monkey, Amazon. £29.97
Oh I do love an educational gift. My son is already trying to strip down butt nekkid so this is another gift I’m probably going to regret. That being said he recently learned the opposites ‘up/down’ and is fascinated with zips so he’ll love it. The learn to dress monkey’s age range is 18months+

  1. FurReal Roarin' Tyler the Playful Tiger, Argos. £99.99

This is the toy I’m yet to buy as I’m still on the fence about it. My son is always roaring like a tiger and loves cats (but my dad wont let us have a real one in the house so this may just be the next best thing).. Apparently it responds to sounds, reacts to its play doll and has over 100 sound and motion combinations. Tyler is aimed at 4years+

And Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without new clothes! 

Disclaimer: all prices quoted were correct at time of purchase.
An updated review is pending.

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