Little O Toddler Trampolining, Purley Way

My son and I are slowly getting back into our usual sleeping routine. As of late we’ve been sleeping around midnight and waking up around midday. What can I say, the festive season took it’s toll on us both. I was determined to wake up at a decent hour and do something productive and Oxygen Free Jumping came to mind. I loved trampolining as a kid and my LO uses every opportunity to jump on or off of everything so I thought why not. Their Little O sessions sounded perfect. According to their website:

“Little Os is what we call our special toddler sessions. They are reserved for 5 year olds and under & their parents or guardians. Your little one can get their first experience of trampolining on our interconnected Freejump zones, frolic in the foam pit, or even take a gentle jump into the airbag. The trampoline park includes over 100 connected trampolines, airbag runway, parachute games, soft play balls and much more! It really is a paradise for toddlers.” - Oxygen Free Jumping

After exiting the lift (because who wants so walk up 3/4 flights of stairs with a toddler and changing bag packed to the brim with random unnecessary junk??) and making our way to the front desk to check in we were directed to the lockers where we unloaded and changed into the fluorescent yellow socks we purchased. With 15 minutes to kill and an increasingly agitated toddler in tow (it was nap time) we headed to the briefing room. Slowly hyper children and their equally hyper parents started to shuffled in and it dawned on me just how unprepared for this session I was. After all I was surviving on about 3 hours sleep (insomnia is a b***h!) and admittedly I’m not in the best shape. A short, slender guy walks from one end of the room to the other and played the safety briefing on the three small screens around the room. I don’t think anybody was really playing attention tbh (maybe because he didn’t actually make it known that he was an employee and he wasn’t very vocal.. or it could have been the excited toddlers drowning out the induction altogether) either way it was over within a matter of minutes and our session began.

My boy was hesitant at first, he didn’t know why the floor was so elasticated but quickly saw the fun element and there was no stopping him (towards the end I was really struggling to keep up with him – in a good way). Aside from the standard trampolines there are foam pits, a giant air bag, a mini soft play centre, speed reaction & Aeroball games and trampoline dodgeball courts. For obvious reasons the Bear Grills Fitness Centre was closed for the Little O session.

There’s not really much I can say about the park itself other than it was everything I’d expected of a trampoline park. The staff were friendly (which surprised me because online reviews had told me otherwise), if not a bit lax with enforcing the rules (e.g. no running, no standing on the sided, one person per trampoline) but in their defence the venue was nowhere near its capacity so there wasn’t really any real risk of children bumping into each other and getting seriously injured. I can see this being a problem if the centre was more packed and for those visiting with numerous children.

The food pricing at their onsite café is what you’d come to expect of any entertainment centre, a bit more than you’d usually expect to pay; but not extortionate enough to give you a heart attack (an apple slushie was £4 and a blueberry muffin was £2). There's also a free onsite water fountain. What I loved the most was the cleanliness of the centre; it was spotless. The only negative about our entire experience was the tattered and extremely worn foam shapes in their giant foam pit; pieces were breaking off left right and centre and were a blatant choking hazard. 

A full list of Oxygen venues can be found here. The prices for each venue and sessions differ. There must be 1 paying adult to supervise every toddler you bring. Babies in arms (i.e. not trampolining are not charged). Trampoline socks must be worn at all times and are £2 a pair. Overall, based on it’s fun factor, friendly staff and cleanliness I’d give the centre a 4.5 stars.

****Disclaimer: All views are my own. All information was correct at time of publishing.

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