Mini Vlog: Xmas

I've been snappy happy for the past few weeks because my lovely one-year-old decided to treat his wonderful Mummy to a fancy new camera for Christmas (okay, who am I kidding? I chose it.. and paid for it..). Buuuuut Christmas is the season for giving after all and why not gift myself something from my son that I actually want? He's going to have plenty of time to buy me 'world's greatest mum' mugs and other random miscellaneous tat he finds at the local supermarket when he's older. For now let me just enjoy treating myself!

Admittedly, I haven't had much Christmas fever this year. The past few years I've felt my Christmas spirit dwindling. At the ripe old age of 24 I'm getting on a bit and I don't really care about receiving presents - I'm an adult, everything I want I buy myself.. plus I'm a mother now and I'm more interested in making it special for my son, not myself. I'd say over the past 4/5 years Christmas has become more about who I spend it with and not what they buy me. I think many of my family (me included) were unsure about how Christmas was going to pan out this year because of the loss of a pivotal and monumental family member earlier in the year but we banded together and made the most of it. We all headed to Nans church on New Years Eve in her honour. I really didn't think I'd make it through the door without breaking down, but I did, baby in tow - all suited and booted.

Christmas Day 

I don't think my son knew what was going on Christmas morning. He woke up around 8am to a bottle as usual but was scurried downstairs to the living room where he was greeted by a mountain of presents (did I mention how bemused he was to see them as he was still half asleep having been dragged out of bed at such an ungodly hour and they'd been sat neatly wrapped under the tree for weeks so he'd given up all hope of ever finding out what was inside them...). The penny dropped and he finally realised that this was the day that he'd been waiting for, the big opening day... He was still half asleep but slightly less bemused (every "woooah" that left his lips as he opened each present sounded quite patronising if I do say so myself, but you be the judge..). In hindsight the pots/pans set and the workstation were awful gifts for a one-year-old (specifically one that likes to bang his plastic hammer off of every surface, chase and poke you with his plastic pliers and bang his metal pots and pans together at 10pm).

Magic Lantern Festival, Chiswick

A few days after Xmas my sister, dad, cousins, son and I headed off to Chiswick for the Magical Lantern Festival. I wasn't sure of what to make of this place beforehand as it had very mixed reviews but it was a last minute family day out so why not?

Firstly what I will say is it was not cheap. We'd missed out on the Groupon deal that my sister wouldn't stop bleating on about so a family of four and an adult ticket on top of that cost us £70.95!!! Secondly, it's more of a trail than a festival. I wasn't expecting Drake to perform an entire set and bring out Rihanna as a surprise guest. But I did expect a bit more background music as we were walking around the trail and photographing the lanterns. And I'm using the terms trail and walk lightly as a lot of the mud paths were waterlogged and it was more of a hike than a walk - getting from one collection of lantern exhibits to another seemed to take ages (if it wasn't for the hot refreshment pit stop about half way in we would have all froze to death! And btw you're looking at another £5 EACH per hot chocolate. That being said the white hot chocolate was to die for and I've been addicted to it ever since). Oh and whose idea was it to guide the trail over the steepest iciest bridge I've ever walked over in my life (I'm talking steep enough to make Gypsy Hill look flat)?? The amount of anxiety I had going over that bridge was insane.

Distance and bridge aside, the lanterns themselves were stunning and well worth a visit. When the trail ends you're faced with a souvenir booth, a wedding tent  to warm up in (complete with plastic tables and chairs), a few food and drink vans, bumper cars and two kids rides. The entertainment all seemed a bit thrown together last minute. Was it worth the money... Hmm no not really. I mean yeah, it beat staying indoors but there needed to be more in the way of entertainment after the lantern trail (I'm not expecting a full out Winter Wonderland but a mini coaster wouldn't have hurt). Based on that I'm giving the Magic Lantern Festival 1.5 stars.
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New Years

New years was definitely my favourite part of the festive season. Today my family members and I were able to just let loose, get merry and have a dance. My aunt has this weird tradition that I've never really understood where she walks through the house burning Frankincense (she can be quite superstitious at times). One tradition of hers I do enjoy is putting on a brand new fresh set of pyjamas to see in the New Year (again, I don't know where she comes up with these things but even I have to admit there's something refreshing about seeing in the new year in a new set of pyjamas). Anyway, I've taken on her tradition and made it my own, matching pyjamas with my son! (much to my sisters dismay, she despises matching garments).

And finally, New Years wouldn't be New Years without a New Years Resolution. So here it is.

  • I will finally get around to taking my driving tests. I will pass!

2018. The year Kira finally learned to drive.

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