The Dating Game

It seems like Christmas was just last week and already the supermarkets are littered with Valentines goodies. Don’t worry this isn’t an ‘I-hate-VDay-and-all-it-stands-for’ post. I actually love Valentines Day and seeing loved up couples in general. This is more of a ‘hmm-so-what-do-I-do-now’ post. When does it become socially acceptable for a single parent to start dating again?
Believe me when I say I’m not in any rush to get into a relationship anytime soon (I barely have time to put my feet up, relax and watch an episode of Black Mirror, I can’t even imagine having to squeeze a whole other person into my life right now) but one of my friends asked me about my dating life a few days ago and I gave him a look of bewilderment and thought to myself ‘Reaaaaaaally? And who’s going to take care of my son when I’m swanning of with this mysterious prince charming of mine, you?’ But then I really started to think about it, with all the stigma attached is there ever a right time? No parent wants to be known for ditching their children to go on their latest romantic conquest when in reality that really isn’t the case.

When the time comes I’m going to have to juggle being a full time parent with making time for someone new, then on top of that I’ll eventually have to introduce this new person to my son when things get serious (will they get along, won’t they? Ugh, am I going to be piggy in the middle?), all the while continuing to assess whether this guy is a good influence on my son (obviously by the time he’d have met my son I’d have envisioned a future with him, I wouldn’t let just any Tom, Dick and Harry around my boy). I don't even know how to approach the whole living together scenario either. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that my Baby Daddy is adamant he has to approve and have the final say of whoever I choose to get into a serious relationship with and have around my son (because apparently his judgement is better than mine? Hmm..). Hurdle after hurdle after hurdle.

Like I said I’m in no rush. This year I plan on gifting myself on behalf of my son (a box of chocolate truffles.. maybe even push the boat out and get one of those mini bottles of Moet too, fancy eh!). Other than that I’ll be flying solo until the foreseeable future.

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