Abortion Taboo and Forward Thinking

Do you ever just stop and think about how naïve you used to be?
My first feature writer Isadora wrote a piece about her motherhood experience so far, even going as far as admitting that she had set her mind to having an abortion because of the situation she was in at the time. Even in today’s society abortion is such a taboo subject to talk about. So many women feel the need to hide their decisions surrounding abortions because of the negative connotations attached to it and the judgment that gets forced upon them. It got me thinking about abortion. When I found out I was pregnant everything all happened quite fast and was a bit of a blur but not once did I ever consider one. This is less of an abortion post (as far as I’m concerned it’s each to their own when it comes to making such a big decision) and more of a ‘considering my options' post. I can’t say I did the responsible thing and sat down to look at the positives and negatives of having a baby at that moment in time. Why didn’t I?

I was so caught up in the moment and was quite naïve, assuming everything would fall into place (as everything else usually seems to do in my life) when in actual fact I only had a part time job, was living with my dad and had another year left at university. I’m not saying that I should have had an abortion (it goes without saying that I love my son and as much as he can be a little sh*t, he’s my perfect little bubby). But I had no plan outside of finishing university, finding my own place to live and getting a better job – if only life was that easy. There are a thousand questions I should have asked myself; when was I going to go back to work after giving birth? How was I going to get this magical job of my dreams? When should I start house hunting? Could I even afford to move out? And yes I know life doesn’t always go to plan but I should have at least looked at where my life was realistically going to take me with a baby in tow.

What I will say is that the result of my reckless decision making has made me stronger in so many ways. If you’d have sat in front of me on the day that I found out I was pregnant and told me how turbulent the last few years would have been for me then god knows what I would have done because every fibre in my body would have screamed at me that I wasn’t strong enough nor was I ready. But ask me now and I’d go through it again because it’s all been worth it for my son. I’m not advocating abortion nor am I opposing it, like I said its your situation, your body, your choice. What I will say though is don’t be naïve like me. Yes, I have a beautiful baby boy who I love more than anyone in the world and who makes me smile every single day, but it hasn’t been the easiest of journeys (I’ve been through some really dark times and had to pull myself out of the other side) and it could have just as easily all gone tits up (or at least more tits up than it has been already).

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