Everything I’ve read suggests toddlers falling over and bumping into things isn’t unusual but it doesn’t lessen my concern. My son is always running into things, falling over or more alarming – bumping his head. Some days he’s lucky but other days like today – not so much (he’s hit his head three/four times today). The other day he was running down a hallway so fast he tripped and cut his head open on the edge of a wooden staircase – it couldn’t have been prevented. In a perfect world I could wrap him up head to toe in bubble wrap and never let him out of my sight but this is the real world and unfortunately I cant stop him from climbing and running faster than his feet can take him.
Sometimes I really find myself worrying about what other people think, as if I’m not perfectly capable of looking after my child. I am. I know I am. I find I have people in one ear telling me that its normal and that his balance won’t be right until he’s about two years old anyway, and in the other telling me that he needs to be seen by a doctor because his balance isn’t right and he’s going to have serious problems in the long run if he keeps banging his head. Then I start doubting myself.. Am I too relaxed with him? Do I let him run rampant? Should I be encouraging him to sit still more? My answer is no. I'm parenting as I see fit. I love that he feels happy and comfortable enough to explore his surroundings (not all of the time. I'm not going to sugar coat it and say that I'm happy with him trying to scale the stairs or jump off the bed but what's wrong with letting him run around and play?) and I always keep a close eye on him.
Bumps, scrapes and bruises are inevitable, he’s young and like any toddler is prone to accidents. I’m never going to stop worrying about my boy but as long as I keep him as safe as possible, know what signs to look out for when he has an accident and treat each one accordingly there shouldn’t be an issue. I trust my instincts and everyone else should trust in my ability to parent.
A prime example of one of his scrapes

Information on what to do after your child has an accident can be found on the NHS website.
Baby and toddler safety

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