Bum bum, Winky, Boobie..

There’s no doubt about it, my son is an inquisitive one.. His ability to recognise and identify objects is developing each day and he’s obsessed with things that are ‘nem’ (the same). He gets so excited when we're drinking/eating/playing with things that look the same. 
Yesterday was a rather random and funny day in terms of his development but before I go into that it's important to note that the last few days he’s been yanking the front of his nappy and saying ‘bum bum’. I didn’t really take too much notice, assuming his nappy was irritating him and loosening it. Back to yesterday morning when my sons innocent blunder made me question when the right time to start covering up in front of him was. It was a typical day; we had been watching TV and playing games when my son randomly pointed to his dads ‘crotch region’ and shouted ‘bum bum’. 

I did what any responsible parent would do. I laughed.

Actually, tell a lie I stared at him for a few seconds with a bewildered look on my face then I burst out laughing when he repeated it. I couldn’t help it, he caught me out of the blue and I really didn’t know how to respond. I should have corrected him but how? What words do I make him associate with his body parts? Winky? Tinkle? Wee-wee? As a mother, his mother, I should have all of the answers but this is another prime example of me stumbling and fumbling my way through motherhood.

Later that evening I was faced with a similar situation when my son and I were settling down for bed. He prodded my boob, calling it ‘bum bum’. I handled this one a lot better if I do say so myself. I didn’t laugh (I may have cracked a little amused smile), instead I corrected him and waited for him to get bored of his newfound word and drift off to sleep. After three or so minutes of poking and headbutting me whilst shouting ‘boobie’ with a rather amused look on his face he’d drifted off and I was left wondering whether ‘boobie’ was the right choice of word..

I’m so out of my depths right now! How do I react when he starts pointing out and identifying other peoples body parts (e.g. passers by on the street or little old ladies on the bus)? It's bound to happen and I’m guessing laughing awkwardly yet uncontrollably isn't the greatest response. I know it's all innocent and he doesn’t actually know what these body parts are, it's just word association for him, but I didn’t expect him to take notice this young. And what words should I be using? Penis is a bit too vulgar for him at this age (I can just see the disgusted look on my family members faces if he picked up that one) and I want him to associate ‘wee wee’ with actually wanting to go to the toilet when he’s being potty trained. 

This reminds me of a story my Aunt told me about the time she took her daughter (my cousin) on an outing. My Aunt noticed that my cousin was staring long and hard at something so it naturally caught her attention too. On noticing what my cousin (who was very young at the time) was staring at she quickly tried to pull her attention elsewhere and away from the passer-by. After a while the passer-by left and my cousin looked at her mother with an ever so innocent look in her eye and asked her why the person only had one shoe on.. He had one leg..

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