Five things i miss now I'm a parent

It’s Valentines Day in a few hours. I don’t really have much to say about it tbh, so instead of reeling off a long list about what I’m expected to miss about being in a relationship I’m going to share the five things I miss now I’m a parent. 
“Oh my god! You just admitted there’s things you don’t like about being a parent!? How can you say that? You’re such a bad Mum!”.

Yes. There are certain things I miss that I can no longer (or just about get the chance to) do as a mother. Show me someone who doesn’t miss at least one single thing about their life before they became a parent and I’ll call them a flat out liar… So here goes:

1)      Doing nothing. As a parent I always seem to be doing something. Changing a shitty arse, cooking, playing, tidying.. I don’t really get the time to just put my feet up and relax. It really annoys me how much I took doing nothing for granted pre-parenthood.

2)   Waking up when I want to.  I do have to admit I love being woken up by the occasional cuddle, not so much when I’m being slapped in the face with the TV remote while “yea-yee” is being shouted at me, or I’m being poked in the eye with a huge tyrannosaurus rex that my son insists has to have a spot in my bed too! Ugh how I miss lay-ins….. But having to get up right away, there and then, to make breakfast (and it’s not even for me!) is a struggle when all I really want to do is roll back over and sleep. Gone are the days when I woke up past 11 (when I didn’t have uni/work), showered and lounged about the house.

3)      Going to the bathroom by myself. I really don’t know why my son is so persistent on following me into the loo?? Nothing interesting happens in there I can assure you.. (well, unless you count the time my Blackberry fell behind the radiator and got stuck, playing N-Dubz 'I Swear' on repeat for almost two hours before my dad managed to fish it out with a plank of wood and some string - I was ready to pull the heater off of it's hinges after the first half hour!). My son whipping the shower curtain open and having a gander like a weirdo, insisting on throwing all of his bath toys in to join me and on the odd occasion trying to join me too is what I’ve come to expect of my daily shower. I honestly cannot wait for the day my son understands that he doesn’t need to follow me into the bathroom and linger around – I can cope perfectly fine by myself.

4)      Hour long Netflix binges in bubble baths. Ask anyone who has ever lived with me and they’d all tell you the same thing – I love a good old long bubble bath (preferably with a Lush bath bomb). They used to be my answer to everything. Feeling poorly? Bubble bath. Stressed? Bubble bath. Bored?  Bubble bath (and Netflix/a good book). I cant even remember the last time I had one nor do I know when I’ll be likely to have one next *sad face* 

5)      Enjoying my food. This is the thing I miss most of all – being able to sit down and eat in peace without having to stop and do something else mid bite. I either have to make sure I actually get to finish my food before my son finishes his (pros: I get a full meal, cons: I don’t get to taste it because it barely hits the sides and I’m basically inhaling it), or I take my time (cons: it usually ends up cold because I keep stopping to encourage my son to eat, pros: I get to enjoy a little of my food before my son decides he’s finished eating altogether, at which point I have to wolf it down anyway and tidy up). It’s a lose/lose situation.

There you have it, the five things I miss most now I’m a parent. And for the record: no, I don’t regret becoming a parent. Yes, I still love my son.

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