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It’s no secret that I love to read. One of my fondest memories as a little girl were the trips to WHSmith with my dad where I’d spend upwards of about 45minutes in search of the perfect book while my dad stood bored and frustrated waiting impatiently for me to come to a final decision. I love that at such a young age my son is already showing signs that he loves books too. He’s always handing me books, asking me ‘peeese’ (please) and plonking himself by my side. He’s got such a big collection of books already (mainly consisting of Julia Donaldson’s works) and last month two more were added to his collection.

Miles & Mia A to Z was given to my son as a gift at the perfect time because he’s recently discovered the alphabet (or at least “Ay-Bee-Eee-Eee”). From the beginning I knew this was a book my son could fall in love with. After all A is for Afro, and his is growing back fast and fierce!

“Young Miles & Mia are the inspiration for the Miles & Mia collective of tales, based on their adventures of growing up in London, UK. Meet Miles, a smart six year old that loves to play football and being outdoors. Miles’ partner-in-adventure is his little sister, Mia. Four years old and full of energy. Mia also loves to sing and draw. – Michaela, Author of Miles & Mia

Miles & Mia A to Z is easy to read and keeps younger readers entertained with its catchy rhymes and beautifully illustrated pages (an added bonus being the diverse characters Miles and Mia meet along the way!). Alphabet books are usually all very similar (you know the deal: A is for Apple, B  is for Ball, C is for Cat) but this book breaks the mould! C just so happens to be Granddads favourite thing – Carrot Cake! Without giving too much away the way in which the alphabet is explored is very creative and encourages youngsters to go out and explore. 
My son and I look forward to seeing what other adventures are instore for Miles and Mia and according to their press and marketing manager, Nicole, “Author Michaela Alexander is currently working on the follow up story book to be released soon”.

I recommend purchasing Miles & Mia A to Z directly through their website here.


Another book I managed to pick up was Young, Gifted and Black by Jamila Wilson. I know my little’un is a bit too young to enjoy this book just yet so it’s probably one I’ll be putting away for a while. It’s beautifully illustrated with descriptions of 52 inspiring heroes. Truth be told I’m excited about reading this one because growing up I was never really taught about black heroes and the main secondary school I attended (which was way out in the sticks)  didn’t recognise Black History Month so it’ll teach me a thing or two. I also hope that it inspires my son to be ambitions – academically and creatively (yes, his complexion is fair but that doesn’t mean his other roots are any less important).
I picked up Young, Gifted and Black from a Waterstones store but it can also be purchased at Amazon 

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