Six Month Summer Countdown!

Sooo, summer holidays are officially six months away and I’ve yet to book a family friendly destination to (Easy)jet off to. The past few years I’ve played it close to home and only gone as far as Spain for about a week, but this year I want to venture out a little further and for longer. I have the perfect destination in mind; the initial 2 ½ hour flight doesn’t bother me – it’s the 2 ½ hour layover and subsequent 9 ½ hour flight that’s putting me off! I’m no experienced flier and have never been on a flight that was longer then about 2 hours before, let alone a layover so I really don’t know what to expect.
Then there’s the issue of how much to pack; I’m an over-packer (as in the type to pack a whole suitcase for a weekend getaway just for myself) so I can’t imagine having to drag around two weeks’ worth of luggage! And making sure it doesn’t all go walk-about in the Airport. 
Flying (all of the four times) with a toddler has never really been a stressful experience (I was lucky enough to have the help of my mum or his dad) but my son is at that point where he needs constant entertainment and barely sits still and I’ve seen parents really struggle to keep their kids entertained for the duration of the flight and have to wrestle their screaming, squirming toddlers into their seats for take-off/landing.
On our most recent flight a couple seated in front of us tried helplessly for about 10 minutes to force their toddler into his own chair/seatbelt before the plane could land; all he wanted to do was sit on his parents’ lap. You could really tell that they were struggling; especially when the flight attendant ushered the dad back into his seat (on a different aisle) and left the mum alone to try and restrain him. The poor child was so distressed and screaming in fear at the top of his lungs; all my baby dad and I could do was look on sympathetically as other passengers looked back and mumbled vile comments and offer them a reassuring passing comment. While the sound of hyper children has never really bothered me, other passengers can be quite tetchy; being the over-protective mumma bear that I am (and if travelling around on London transport is anything to go by) I don’t think I could remain quiet when faced with irritable commuters when it comes to my cub!

I'm exhausted just thinking about it (my anxiety is going through the roof!) but more than anything I'm excited because I really need a break (even if it means bringing my little'un along for the ride) :) 

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