Snowy Saviours

This weather is ridiculous. In the space of an hour it had turned from blinding sunshine (but icy temperatures???) to thick and heavy snow! I'm finding it harder and harder to find a reason to leave the house in these cold climates! Cabs have become my best friend for getting from A to B, but on those days I do need to brave the cold (and even snow) on foot these are my fave items to chuck on my son...

1) Balaclava - Tbh any headwear that covers his ears will do the trick but when its chilly I like to pop my boy in a balaclava (because scarves are a nightmare to keep on him, he wriggles too much). It keeps his neck warm and he can't pull it off and chuck it when I'm not looking (bonus!). My go-to balaclava is his wool-blend Baby Exclusive from H&M. They've sold out but you can find similar polarfleece ones here

2) Snowsuit - I was on the hunt for ages for a snowsuit that I could just throw on my boy when the weather decides to take a turn for the worst. It needed to be cheap and cheerful (because a lot of the time his pram footmuff does the job when we're out and about ). The red one he usually wears is from Marks and Spencer and I love that it's thick enough to keep him warm, packs away into a handy packaway bag (that I keep under his pram) and only costs £22 (ker-chiiiing!). The bigger sizes are footless and the snowsuit can be wiped clean, machine washed and tumble dried. Find his snowsuit here. Be warned they come up slightly big (but a little extra growing room never hurt anybody)..

3) Wellies - My little'un has a new habit of jumping in puddles (and dirtying his trainers) so I've just ordered him his first pair of wellies and they should be here soon :)

4) Mittens - It goes without saying that gloves are a must have in this weather for your toddlers. I find them really tricky to get on my boys fingers (by the time I've put them on him he's ripped them off) so I opt for mittens instead. I usually go to H&M for his mittens because they're good quality and so cheap (£2.99 for a pack of three).

5&6) Thermals - I tend to throw these on my son all the time as a base layer to keep him from getting chilly. They're perfect for both indoors and outdoors and come in a variety of mix and match colours which can be found here, at Marks and Spencer. They're quick and easy to wash and don't shrink in the tumble drier.

7) Polo Neck Collar - When I first saw these I couldn't comprehend why somebody would buy just the neck of a jumper when it costs the same as a full jumper does? But trust me they make sense. They're like a scarf but better (because they don't slip off). I just slip it under his coat and we're off.. My sons is from H&M (the exact one has sold out but there's a similar kind here)

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