Tried and Tested: Comotomo Teether

At 20 months my son is finally getting his molar teeth and boy is it a bumpy ride to say the least. I miss him eating properly. I miss not having to go out every few days to buy him new dummy’s because he’s bitten through them all. I miss sleep. Not just any sleep, that proper, long, deep sleep where I get to dream because my little boy is sleeping perfectly through the night.

I’ve been in search of the perfect teethers since I misplaced my sons two Matchstick Monkey’s (I’m stubborn and refuse to buy them again because I know they’re around the house somewhere). Most of the ones I’ve come across so far look like my boy would chew through them within the hour (I don’t mean to make it sound as if he’s an overexcited puppy but he really does seem to be chewing his way through the house - it really wouldn't surprise me if I walked in on him chewing a hole in the sofa). After a bit of Googling I found the Comotomo Teether, named one of ‘The Best Baby Teethers to Buy in the UK’ by Made for Mums. The reviews were quite good so I thought I’d give it a go. I purchased the teether through Amazon Prime for £17.28 (it’s available for cheaper on other sites but I needed it the next day). So far I’m pretty impressed, as is my boy, because it really seems to be doing the job.

ü  It’s seems durable and doesn’t look like he’ll chew through it anytime soon and has the added bonus of reaching his incoming molars (it’s also solid yet soft so hopefully it’ll help break them through faster)

ü  It’s easy to clean and is safe in microwaves, boiling water, steam sterilisers and dishwashers (up to 180*)

ü  It’s completely non-toxic and made of silicone

ü  Its simple design (intended to imitate fingers) makes it perfect for little hands to grip. There are also small ridges on the tips of the teether for targeted chewing and slip reduction

ü  The round head means it can be clipped to you child, perfect for on the go

ü  Can be used from 3m+

´       The colour availability is very limited – it only comes in orange and blue

´       Although it’s a ‘no choke design’ the ‘fingers’ are long so may cause younger babies to gag

´       Few retailers in the UK stock the Comotomo Teether

The Comotomo Teether is available from Kidly for £6.50 plus p+p.

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