Afro-Curly Hair Care

During my pregnancy my hair was amazing; most of the time it was in two messy bunches, but it was amazing (thanks preggo hormones!). Because of that I made the decision to go natural (it was less of a decision, more of a ‘I really cba to straighten my hair with this massive uncomfortable bump’). My curls were super curly and my mane was growing thick and fast, I loved it. Since giving birth my hair journey has been really skoo-whiff! Especially during the postpartum hair loss stage (yes, it’s a thing. Yes, it’s unpleasant). I’ve had a few Keratin Treatments (which I love – get a consultation from Schola at Hype Battersea, London if you’re interested) making my hair more manageable and giving me some added frizz control and have been flitting between different products trying to find the right combination.
Now my keratin treatment is starting to wear off I’m freeing the afro-puff a lot more, letting my natural curls run riot. I’ve been on the hunt for products that offer all day hydration, keep my curls naturally bouncy after a long day and aren’t too harsh on my hair (I’m not asking for a lot, am I..?). Naturally, I steered towards MoroccanOil products. I was already a big fan of their MoroccanOil Treatment, it ticked all of the boxes for me (right down to the smell) so I was expecting big things from their curl specific range. 
I’m quite sceptical when brands claim to be perfect for all hair types. Growing up my mum was a big fan of toiletries that claimed to be perfect for all of us (me and my sister are mixed with afro-textured hair and my mum is white). The majority of the time they were only suited to her hair type and not to mine or my sisters. In her defence we lived out in the sticks with only about three corner shops in sight so there wasn’t much in the way of choice.

I have a 4a type coiled hair pattern that can get really dry and frizzy if it isn't looked after properly. Over the years it's had its fair share of being dyed and mistreated and I'm really trying to ditch my straighteners in an attempt to reverse the effects of many years of heat damage. Here are my MoroccanOil top picks:

For cleansing..

MoroccanOil Curl Cleansing Conditioner is a no-lather, one-step shampoo and conditioner with natural tea tree oil that gently cleanses and conditions hair while nourishing. 

This is my go-to product for my wash and go curls; I work it into wet hair, let it sit for about five minutes then wash it out. This was the first ever product that I've used that's both a shampoo and conditioner and truth be told it took me a while to get used to the feeling of this conditioner because it doesn't lather like my previous ones so you don't get that 'clean' bubbly feeling.

For treatment..

MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask is a five minute deep-conditioning hair reviving mask that hydrates and conditions.

On the days that my hair needs a little moisture lift (usually by the end of the week) I use the MoroccanOil Curl Cleansing Conditioner as usual then apply the Hydrating Mask to towel dried hair letting it sit for about seven minutes and rinsing it out. I love that my hair feels a lot softer after using this. 

For rejuvenation..

MoroccanOil Curl Re-energizing Spray revitalises those end of day and second day curls without the need to wash-and-go.

It took me a while to figure out how to get the perfect second day curls; I spritz my hair with water (not too much), spray the Re-energizing Spray then scrunch the ends and puff it out with an afro comb. It does give a slightly 'crunchy' feeling to my curls but not enough to bother me.

For all around hair care.. 

MoroccanOil Treatment Original is a multi purpose oil that tames, smoothes and hydrates hair.

I usually use this before I blow dry my hair so that it doesn't dry out too much or when styling to give my hair a bit more moisture during the day. I tend to go through these jars very quickly and aside from the price and wishing that they sold this treatment in bigger quantities there isn't a single fault I can find with the product.

** All of the opinions express in this post are my own **

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