I'm Only Human

I’m having one of those days where I really don’t want to Mum. Actually, let me rephrase that before some of you judgemental donuts take it out of context and try to parent shame me. I love being a mum (duh!) but today is one of those days I really don’t want to have to parent. I’m trying to stay as close to my bed as possible because I’m ridiculously ill. Every opportunity I get I’m jumping back into bed, I’ve brought all of my boys favourite toys into the bedroom so he doesn’t get bored and I’m only making quick and easy meals for us because I want to spend the least time standing up as possible *queue the scoffs*.

As much as I like to tell myself otherwise, I’m not superwoman and that’s okay.

I get sick. I get tired. Some days I get sick and tired of having to parent because I’m sick and tired. A few days of ‘lazy parenting’ while I recover isn’t going to hurt anyone. It doesn't make me a bad parent, just human. And in all honesty my son probably loves it because this is one of the few times he gets away with murder..

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