ToysRUs closing down haul

After the news broke last week that ToysRUs had gone into administration, stores would subsequently be closing and stock would be reduced I decided to pop down to our local store for a bargain. Tbh I left it a few days because I really couldn't be bothered with the crowds (not that it mattered because I queued for almost half an hour at the checkout anyway, serves me right for going at the weekend). I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. As you can expect the majority of the electronics, ride-ons and other big buys had all been snapped up early but the shelves still seemed to be filled with goodies my boy was sure to love.. If I could offer any advice it’s have a rough idea of what you intend to buy before you go there and head straight for those departments first, don't waste your time going down every aisle in order.

1.       Universe of Imagination Teaching Clock My son has a weird clock obsession at the moment but this one’s getting put away for when he’s older.

2.       6V Avigo Bandit Trimoto Blue This was more of a guilt gift than anything else. A few months ago I got my son a green quadbike but it had to be returned because there were problems with it. This one wasn’t without its problems too, I had to go back to ToysRUs twice (for a missing part then for a replacement because the initial one was faulty). As the company is in administration they aren’t offering refunds and exchanges seem to be at the managers discretion do have that in mind if you’re planning on buying any kind of electricals. I loathe ride ons (I don’t understand why you would charge something for 10-12 hours for an hours use) but my son seems to enjoy it (plus the first charge seems to have gone a long was as I haven’t had to charge it for three days), I don’t think it’ll last him until he’s three though as it’s quite small and he’s super tall for his age. It isn’t that great on wooden floors either and sometimes needs a budge to get it going.

3.       Fisher Price My Friend Bing – Every time I’ve visited ToysRUs I’ve been on the hunt for a Bing toy (all I seemed to find was bloody Pando. I probably would have settled for Sula or Flop, but Pando *eye rolls*). Since my son got Bing home and out of the box he hasn’t put him down, he even goes to bed with it. Bing is an interactive toy that talks (my favourite game he plays is who can be quietest the longest - result!) and walks (he’s fallen over a few times but it hasn’t been enough for me to deem it a waste of money).

4.       Universe of Imagination Six in One Wedge Puzzle – My son loves puzzles and animals so this seemed like a no brainer. Unlike the puzzles he already has this one looks like it will challenge him slightly.

5.       In The Night Garden Sleep Tight All Night Iggle Piggle – This was something I was planning on getting him for his birthday but he ripped it out of the box before I had a chance to hide it. The sleep aid concept is a great idea but I think my boy is a bit too young to understand it at the moment. It’s really simple to set up the sleep timer but the sleep timer/light can be removed very easily by little hands.

6.       Universe of Imagination Animal Puzzle Four Pack Dinosaurs – My son seems to love all things dinosaur. I didn’t think his dinosaur obsession would kick in so young but it means he’s easy to buy for.

7.       The Lion Guard 2 Figure Pack Rafiki & Simba – Another obsession of his is The Lion King. Almost everyday I’m forced to sing along to ‘Hyaaaaa’ (The Circle of Life) and ‘Koo-Taa’ (Hakuna Matata). Secretly I love it. I picked this set for him because Rafiki is my favourite (forget what my son wants, I’m the one paying!).

8.       Little Red Henry Vacuum Cleaner – Am I allowed to say that I had to get my son a miniature Henry because I’m sick of having it snatched from me at every opportunity when I’m trying to hoover?

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