Tracy Beaker; Single-Mumming it!

This morning I woke up, flicked open the Facebook app whilst waiting for the kettle to boil and was so happy to discover that Jacqueline Wilson (one of my two favourite authors growing up) was coming out with a new Tracy Beaker book. And  guess what? She’s all grown up and is a single mum (how relatable)! 

According to The Guardian:
The book is narrated from the perspective of Tracy’s daughter, Jess, and is aimed at both 7-11-year-olds and, in a new move for Wilson, adults and teenagers who enjoyed the Tracy Beaker series as children. [Jacqueline] wanted the sequel to be realistic: “How many young women without much education earn enough, with a daughter, to be able to buy their own home in London today? Being Tracy, she wants to be independent, but with a child, how can she be? So she’s having to scratch around.” The new book is due to be published in October, and Wilson, 72, is still in the middle of writing it – or possibly near the end.
Source The Guardian

I really can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and see where one of my favourite childhood characters has ended up!

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