A Birthday Fit For a King

AHHHH! I'm so excited! My boy is two in a few months and I've already started planning!!!! The venue is on board, invites are out and all that's left are the fine details (table setting, cake, party favours....). I'm always going to be extra AF about these things (couldn't you tell by the invite?) and I have about a billion ideas to try and squeeze into my budget and did I mention I'm EXCITED AF!!!!

I was originally going to go for a jungle theme but my boy is really into The Lion King right now so it makes sense. The colour schemes are quite similar which makes things a bit easier but I didn't realise how challenging it is finding The Lion King party supplies with Timon and Pumbaa on - it all seems to be the poxy Lions Guard (Yes, they are two completely different things). He doesn't give a toss about Bunga the honey badger and Beshte the hippopotamus *EYE ROLLS*. At least I have a few months to hunt for everything... I'd ask for the baby daddy to help but he's useless at this stuff *DOUBLE EYE ROLLS*

The colour scheme idea board

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