Chocolate: Here today...Gone today!

Since having a child I’ve had a really love/hate relationship with chocolate. On one hand I could happily pig out on Jaffa Cakes, Mini Eggs and Milky Way Crispy Rolls (I live by Marjorie Dawes’ Little Britain ‘half the calories’ dieting solution) but on the other hand I need to set an example for my son. After all, it’s no secret that children love chocolate and my son is no exception.

Despite my best efforts,
my dad is constantly sneaking my son chocolate on a daily basis. I’ve made it no secret that it pisses me off, especially when he does it before mealtimes (what part of don't give him any chocolate is soooo goddamn hard to understand???) so you can imagine how much I was dreading the Easter period. As a child I loved being bombarded with chocolate egg after chocolate egg but as a parent I really don’t want my son indulging in too much chocolate all at once. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with him having treats here and there and in moderation but not all of the time and especially not while he’s teething and isn’t eating properly. And in all honesty I don’t want him to end up feeling like I did when I was younger. I was one of the fatter kids; forging P.E. notes because I was too ashamed to join in with the activities and never being able to find nice clothes in my size. I know times have changed and I shouldn’t push those childhood insecurities on him but encouraging him to make healthier choices doesn’t hurt.  
As expected, my son was more than content with the amount of Easter eggs he received this year (he must have felt like Christmas had come around all over again) and I was more than thankful that he only had three to get through. Still, I was ‘parent shamed’ by someone who felt the need to comment about the likeliness of my boy becoming morbidly obese and getting diabetes on a recent picture I posted of him munching on an Easter egg he’d just decorated (I still don’t understand why this is how some people choose to spend their time???). I chose to delete the comment instead of replying to a sad little troll because I don’t have to justify my actions to somebody that knows fuck all about my life, let alone my child. I’m focusing my energy elsewhere… Trolling aside, Easter was good to us. We played Pie Face (a bad judgement on my part as my son got pied in the eyes and I felt guilty AF for letting him join in) made white chocolate Frosties Nests (they taste soooo much better than the milk choc kind), did some arts and crafts (why does my son's footprint have 6 toes???) and even went out for a family meal.

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