From Tummy Time to Tablet Time

OHMYGOD my son is DRIVINGMECRAZY!!!!!!! I’m starting to hate how much he’s obsessed with technology! I’m guilty of letting him use his tablet for an hour or two while I get things done around the house or play on my phone while we’re out and about if he’s getting a bit restless. Despite his tears and tantrums I do limit the amount of time he spends using technology but that doesn’t stop him from feeling entitled. Every few hours I seem to be faced with a wobbly because I’ve told him he can’t play ‘di-snor’ (dinosaurs) on my phone, watch ‘ding-ding’ (the crazy frog) on the TV or have his tablet. I’m also starting to notice he’s picking up books less than he used to (which I’m not happy about because pre-son I was a bookworm).
To be fair, it’s not as bad as it sounds… After a few minutes of ignoring his strop he’s usually focused on something else and over it. It’s just annoying that at such a young age he’s already so focused on tuning out the outside world and spacing out in front of a screen (to say he turns into a zombie whilst on his tablet is an understatement). Obviously, as his mum it’s my job to makes sure that I don’t allow him to do that too much (duh!) so he’s only allowed his tablet 1-2 times a week. Ugh, I miss when all he wanted was a colourful teddy and some tummy time!

Oh, and a side note: 
Look at the wonderful video that my son found and makes me play over and over and over and over again… Wonderful isn’t it? YouTube is the gift that keeps on giving….

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