Affordable summer swag!

It’s no secret I love dressing my boy up in cute little outfits. When we’re out and about he gets flooded with so many compliments that I think eventually his head is going to swell up.
To be honest, when the weather started to perk up I had no other choice but to invest in a summer wardrobe because his was limited to thick tracksuits, long sleeved t-shirts and thermals. This amazing weather probably isn’t going to last very long – this week has been forecast rain with the weather picking back up again over the bank holiday weekend – so I didn’t want to break the bank and go on a crazy spending spree for the sun to go back into hiding and my little’un ending up growing out of everything. That being said, here are a few of his outfits so far and some affordable summer swag tips and tricks..

Mixing and Matching 

Like I said before the hot weather probably isn’t going to last. By buying a few statement pieces and a bunch of ‘basics’ (think plain shorts, t-shirts and accessories) that go with everything you can constantly switch up outfits by mixing and matching them so it doesn’t feel like you’re having to pull out the same outfit again and again whenever the sun does make an appearance. I’ve found that H&M’s ‘Basic’ range is quite good for bulk buying mix and match items because they offer 3 for 2 on them instore so you’re bound to find at least a few items to mix and match. As you can see below (and under 'tuck in'), I used the same blue jersey shorts for two completely different looks.

Keep Comfort First

As cute as I like to dress my boy, I’d never put him in anything he isn’t comfy with. I also like to keep that in mind when I’m shopping for him too, making sure that I buy things I know he’ll love to wear. He’s ridiculously obsessed with dinosaurs so he’s often in dinosaur print tees. I’m really not a fan of dinosaurs (I’m constantly rolling over on them in the middle of the night and have to watch the Jurassic Park movie franchise repeatedly day-in day-out, you can't blame me for not taking a liking to them) but it keeps him happy so I guess I can compromise.. His fave is this T-Rex head print from Next.

Tuck in

A bit like when you’re wearing a suit, a tucked in t-shirt makes an outfit look more put together for some reason, as if you’ve put a lot more thought into an outfit than you actually did. It may sound stupid but an iron also goes a long way in making an outfit pop too.


I don’t recommend putting anything on your child unless you’re 1000% certain that they’re comfortable and safe in it. I’m lucky enough to have a son that loves wearing almost everything that’s plonked on him. He must have about 15-20 pairs of sunglasses, the majority are from Primark and range from £1-2.50. Because they’re so cheap I ended up bulk buying as they are easily lost/broken. Its worth investing in 2-4 hats for this weather too; with at least one plain one that can be easily matched.


Most importantly, don’t forget to pack weather appropriate clothing. Plain tracksuits and gillets are perfect for flinging over existing outfits when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

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