Wipe Ban

After reading An Open Letter To Theresa May From A Baby Wipe-Using Mum from Lucianne Lewis (Huffington Post UK) earlier I’m baffled. Am I the only one that thought this was a joke when they first heard about it? Talk about taking a hundred steps backwards. For those of you who haven’t heard the government plans to eliminate wet wipes in the UK within 25 years. Granted 25 years is more than a long way away and my little’un will be all grown up by then but it just seems like such a step backwards. And I get it, wipes that have been flushed down toilets are causing major problems to our water ways but banning the use of wet wipes is just outrageous. Especially for parents. As if parenting isn’t hard enough already..
Have you ever tried wiping a babies shitty arse with a tissue!? I for one have so many shit varieties to contend with on a weekly basis – to name a few: the runny shit that flows out of the nappy and down the sides of the changing mat if you’re not careful, the shitty paste that sticks to the bum crack and in between all of the crevice’s and is a mission to clean and the pebble. Call me lazy, I don’t care, I’d much rather be using a wet wipe than a bunch of tissues that soak everything up and rip. And I don’t even throw wet wipes down the toilet! Why am I being penalised for something I, and a lot of other parents out there, aren’t doing.

Anyway, shouldn’t we be targeting wipe disposal instead of eliminating them altogether? Hopefully this doesn’t actually come into effect because I for one am dreading it.

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