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I was sent into panic mode when I couldn’t find The Lion King themed party décor for my sons second birthday – just the poxy Lions Guard  *eye rolls*. I literally spent hours searching every corner of the internet and couldn’t find a damn thing that stood out… Just when I was about to give up I remembered an Instagram account that I’d been following for a while who specialised in handmade crafts

– @CreatedBySuki. Then it dawned on me… Why not go with custom made, one-of-a-kind decorations instead?? As with any custom handmade order I was hesitant because you never really know how the finished product is going to turn out – and if you’ve already paid and don’t like the finished product you’re stuck with it. We’ve all seen those ‘what I ordered vs what I got’ posts on Instagram but I decided to take a risk.

From the get-go Suki put me at ease. I threw out my ideas and she made them perfectly. I love that she took the lead and had a lot of creative input - I didn't feel like I had to supervise and give guidance here there and everywhere because she actually took the time to listen to my needs. Initially I was just looking for a banner but Suki came up with the idea of having table confetti as well. Her work was so expertly executed that I decided to order three giant character table centre pieces too. I feel like I took the biggest risk on these because all I told her was that I wanted Timone, Pumbaa and Simba figures and sent over a picture of the style I wanted them in (below). I had so much faith in her that I let her run with it and make it her own and it paid off and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.
In terms of customer service Suki was very professional; her responses were super-fast and her work is very reasonable priced (message her for exact quotes as they change based on individual needs) especially considering the quality and man hours put into each of her pieces. She was also on hand to give advice regarding how best to set everything up (as each of the centre pieces had to slot into specific places). The quality of every single piece was superb; the card used wasn’t at all flimsy and everything was very well made and stuck together. Usually when it comes to handmade items made in large quantities you’d expect to see a few ‘dud’ pieces but every single piece of the 60 confetti characters was cut perfectly (I’d know – I had to lay each one out on the day of the event) with no missing heads, tails or limbs.

Here are the items that I ordered...

And here's how they looked on the day...

For more information or to see more of Suki’s designs head over to her Facebook and Instagram pages.

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