Alton Towers Hack - Save over £80 using this simple trick!

How to save on a two night stay at an Alton Towers Hotel with the 2nd day free at the theme park, free waterpark access and free 9 hole golf.
Arctic Explorers Room, Alton Towers Hotel
This hack combines two of the current Alton Towers offers; the 2nd day free on short breaks and the Waterpark Escapes. You have to make two separate bookings and keep in mind that having to change rooms during your stay is a possibility (contact the hotel ahead of time to see if they can amend this - they were able to for me). 

How it all works
First check the price of your entire break with only the 2nd day free on short breaks offer and note the price like so... (note: the more travellers, the more you save overall)

Then go back to the offers page and search again, splitting your break in half. Book your Waterpark Escapes offer towards the end of the break if you want to visit the theme park towards the start of your stay (I don’t recommend going to the Waterpark on your last day as the hotel checkout time is 10am so you won’t be able to go back to your room to wash and change). You should be able to add your free 9 holes session to your basket on the next page after selecting your room by clicking ‘book’.
As you can see if I’d have booked with just the 2nd theme park entry day free offer I’d have paid £502 for the Arctic Explorer room. By splitting the holiday into two and including the Waterpark Escape offer my stay comes to £497.50 – getting you more for less!

Waterpark ticket (over 16s) x1 = £16
Hotel + two theme park tickets = £557
9 holes golf (over 12s) = £5
Total £578
Price paid: £497.50
My total savings £80.50

Money Saving Tips

  • Check alternative dates to find the best deals
  • Midweek term time holidays are usually cheapest
  • Check the opening times to get more for your money
  • Remember to add all off the offers to your basket (you may have to make to separate reservations)

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