Cinema Snack Hack!

Many people still don’t know that a lot of cinemas actually allow you to take in your own food as long as it’s not hot. This hack takes that a little bit further, making your cinema experience more fun for the kids!

So, you’ve stopped off for a quick snack run at the local supermarket beforehand because the price of cinema food is frankly quite extortionate! Everybody has different very different taste buds and you notice that there are a wide variety of popcorn flavours to choose from..
Do you stick with Butterkist Toffee Popcorn or be a bit more adventurous and go for Asda’s new Coconut and Vanilla flavour that’s tickled your fancy? No doubt the kids will want to get their mitts into your bag too! You really cba passing the bags from person to person down the aisle and waiting ages for your turn at the snacks but you know there’s no point buying an extra bag for the kids in case they don’t like it.
Simply buy treats that you know you can divide out and ask for popcorn buckets (for the older kids) and pick’n’mix buckets (for the younger ones) when you get to the cinema cash register. That way you can divide up all of the treats as necessary when you’re in the screening before the film! It also gives the outing a proper cinema feel!

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