Garden Hack: Keep Your Toddlers Shoes Dry During Water Play!

This trick is perfect for this hot weather we're currently having and will have your kiddies summer ready! If your kids are in the garden playing with their water table but you don’t want to get their shoes soaked then it's worth investing in this hack (because we all know how annoying it is to have to air dry their shoes especially when they end up smelling musty after!). It's as simple as it sounds, you ready?

Invest in those beach shoes you always see hanging in the shops on holiday. They’re better than flip flops as your little’uns are able to run around the garden without falling over or having them slip off and they're handy to have for those visits to the local pool or the beach if you're really looking to get your monies worth. I got my sons here from Splash About and selected lines are up to 47% off at the moment. The ones pictured below have gone down to £7.99. 

If you’ve yet to get a water pit here are a few cool ones on sale at The Entertainer:

Key Features:
·       Water pump fills water tower which then flows to the fountains
·       Water can be channeled into any of the three fountains
·       Plumbing pipes can be rearranged and used with multiple taps
·       Peek-a-boo character rises with the water
·       STEM learning for preschoolers
·       Includes interchangeable pipes and three accessories for added fun – boat, water cup, and funnel
Ages 2+

Key Features:
·       Durable plastic construction that’s built to last
·       Keep water moving with pump or by pouring water into the crows nest and watch everything spin
·       Spinners cause current in the ship which moves floating objects around
·       Kids can aim and squirt water from the water cannon
·       Steering wheel spins
·       Anchor raises and lowers by cranking the handle

Ages 2+

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