Harmful UV Ray Trackers to Keep Your Little'uns Safe in the Sun!

I picked up something really cool during my latest Mothercare visit and I thought I’d give it a share. I’ve been soaking up the sun and enjoying this beautiful weather because lord knows it isn’t going to last long. As a single parent its my sole responsibility to make sure my son stays safe in the son but to be honest I haven’t got I a clue about UVA, UVB and SPF – I just know I need to keep dolloping my son in sun protection every few hours to keep him safe from cancers and sunburn. Sounds simple enough right? Anyway, back to the little gem I found earlier - wristbands that help track your child's exposure to harmful UV rays..

What are Smartsun UV Indicator Wristbands?
In short they measure how much UVB and UVA radiation you’ve been subjected to throughout the day and tell you when it’s time to top up on sun protection. Beige means it’s time to reapply your suncream and pink means its time to get out of the sun because the UV radiation is really high.

How to use
Pop on the wristband. As usual, apply suncream before you head out into the sun making sure you apply it to the band too. You have to apply suncream in order for the band to work and the band itself does NOT protect you from UV rays.

ü Great for the family as the wristband can be adjusted to fit most wrist sizes
ü Encourages parents to protect their skin too
ü Reminds you when to top up your toddlers suncream
ü Lets you know when UV radiation it too high for your skin to tolerate
ü Helps reduce and prevent sun damage
ü 7 per pack
ü Waterproof

´      Each band can only be used once (once it’s turned pink/beige it doesn’t turn back) therefore I’d say they’re not for everyday use and are more suited for long days out in the sun
´      Considering that they’re single use bands they can work out quite expensive in the long run

If you’re looking for something that you could use everyday then this product will fall short but if you’re looking for something to pop in your bag for a holiday or even a trip to the beach this would work well. There aren't many retailers in the UK that stock the Smartsun UV Indicator Wristband but they seem to be available here: 

Mothercare, £4.99 

Amazon, Price varies

If you have any concerns about protecting your children's skin in the sun head to the NHS website here and for key information on UVA, UVB and SPF check out the Which? quick guide here

***** All information was correct at the time of publishing

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