Heat Hack: Keep Cool in the Humidity!

If you’re struggling to keep your tots cool in this heat and don’t fancy shelling out £4 on a small Evian spray can that your kids will no doubt finish within a matter of minutes then use this hack.

Simply go to your local shops, head for the health and beauty section and pick up one of these bottles. Fill it with water and when it gets hot give your little’uns a quick spritz! Just make sure that their suncream is waterproof before using this trick. At the moment they are 50p in Wilko and are on offer for 3 FOR 2!
Top tip: These are also great to keep in the car to cool car seat belt buckles down when they’re too hot!

Superdrug also sell handheld fans for £1.99 (inc batteries) that fit perfectly into your bag for those hot journeys on public transport. You’re welcome..

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