Quick Clean Pram Hack!

This is a hack I use all of the time – especially when I’m in a hurry and notice a collection of crumbs have started congregating on my sons buggy but there isn’t time to drag out the hoover!

Everyone has one of these lying around in their house somewhere – its one of those stupid spur of the moment items that you end up picking up by the till even though you’re not sure you really need it. Here goes – a lint roller! They’re perfect for picking up even the smallest of crumbs in those pram nooks and crannies! No worries, if you cant find a lint roller lying about the house than tape does just as well.. AND they work on those pesky sofa crumbs too! And for cleaning up glitter after arts and crafts.. The possibilities are endless!

*Flop (Bing!) Voice* Lint rollers: the gift that keeps on giving! It's a parent thing. 

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