The LEGOLAND Windsor Cheat Sheet: All the ride restriction information you could possibly need!

My son and I were lucky enough to visit LEGOLAND Windsor earlier in the week. When looking at the ride information beforehand I found that there wasn’t one place with all of the information I needed – I had to keep clicking here, there and everywhere! Some of the height restrictions were also missing so I had to download the app and check on there.. So, I put together this handy ride list complete with height restrictions and the parent to child ratios for each ride for those of you travelling with multiples based on all of the information I could find on their website and App

Call me weird but I like to make a list of all of the rides my son can actually go on before we go to theme parks so we don't have to waste time walking around like headless chickens, wandering aimlessly from one ride to another only to discover he isn't tall enough.. Simply print the following table and scribble out the rides your tots aren't tall enough for, saving you time and agitation on the day!

You can find the printable height restrictions cheat sheet here (when printing select two sheets per page)

Top Tips:

·       Get there early – LEGOLAND is pretty easy to get to and is a 15 minute cab ride from outside of Eton and Windsor Riverside Station - which is step free! The cab worked out at £12 there and £15 return for the two of us. You can check the theme park opening times here.

·       Check for offersMerlin and Kelloggs are currently running an ‘Adults Go Free’ when accompanied by a child promotion. Find out more here 

·       Buy a pass – It may work out cheaper in the long run to buy a yearly pass if you frequently visit Merlin attractions. More information is available here. If you purchase selected Merlin passes now you get free unlimited Digital Photos at their theme parks. LEGOLAND Windsor  are also offering selected annual passes at the same price as a single day ticket until 20th July here 

·       On super busy days it may be worth investing in Q-BOT – a ride reservation system where, based on the type of pass you’ve purchased, you can either book allotted times for most of the rides or get near instant access. If you do opt for Q-BOT make sure you book the most popular rides first. Passes are available to buy here

·       Bring spare clothes - there are numerous splash rides and attractions on site plus you know what kids are like, they always find a way to get messy!

·       Use the app – It’s handy for finding out ride queue times. Don’t rely solely on the app as it doesn’t always give live information and closures! Ask staff members along the way.  

·       Look out for the height charts before you queue up. They're usually next to the height restriction posters.

·       Bring your own lunch because food and drinks on the premises can work out quite pricey. Also make use of the refillable fizzy drinks bottles that you can purchase on site - be warned they are quite small so you'll have to keep going back for refills but on the plus side there are quite a few filling stations. 

·       Visit MadeForMums for information on the best rides for 2-4 year olds and the best rides for 5-9 year olds

·       Make time to explore Windsor – it’s such a lovely area complete with shops and, of course, Windsor Castle.

·       Head for the most popular attractions first! When you get into the main entrance head right and follow the sloped path down towards Knights Kingdom

If you ask me I don’t think LEGOLAND is geared towards younger kids (under 3s) as there are quite a few height restrictions – there are only a handful of rides with a minimum requirement of 0.9m. We ended up leaving after only spending half of the day there because the rides that my tall just-turned-two year old could get on seemed very basic – like the DUPLO Valley Airport and the DUPLO Train. It felt like we were waiting around 8-10 minutes for rides that weren’t actually that great.. A lot of the LEGO statues looked like they needed replacing or at least a good paint job. The theme park itself isn’t that big at all in comparison to other ones under the Merlin umbrella. That being said the hills in that place are unreal – especially the route from Knights Kingdom to the park exit (it's an uphill battle) so keep that in mind if you’re travelling with a pram! The Hill Train ended up being closed for maintenance too which was annoying!

********All information was correct at the time of publishing. It’s always best to double check all of the relevant information before visiting********

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