To Christen, or not to Christen.. That is the question..

It’s no secret that I’ve never been a religious person. Aside from my Nan taking me to church every so often when I was younger and going a handful of times over the past few years I’ve never truly been dedicated to making church part of my weekly routine.  I guess my views on religion fit mostly into that of being someone who is Agnostic. I don’t not believe in God, I just don’t think there is any indisputable evidence that there is any one God. And I’m not knocking religion either – it’s each to their own. A little bit of faith is a great thing.

A few days ago I was approached by a family member who relayed a conversation she’d had with her Reverend. He’d informed her about a Christening he was performing in October and asked if I was interested in having my son Christened on the same day.

On one hand I don’t want to lay out my child’s religion for him before he’s even had a choice to understand what it is and decide what one, if any, is best for him. On the other hand it’s a great way of honouring my Nan who would have loved my son to be Christened. And having it done at my Nans church by her Reverend would be the icing on the cake. He always has the option of renouncing it when he gets older and its not like I’m going to drag him to church against his will for the rest of his life. A Christening is a big thing and not just an excuse to throw a party. 

Aside from having to pick Godparents (and letting a few hundred people down!) and deciding who wont make the cut on the invite list I also have to worry about whether or not both side of my family will behave. On side A) My Dad and his relatives. On side B) My Mum and hers. They really don’t get along and haven’t been in the same room together for well over 15 years. I don’t fancy wasting a small fortune on outfits, food, drinks, decorations and much more because my family to decide to have a great big tiff in the middle of it all!

And back to the Godparents – my son’s Dad promised my two cousins he’d make them Godparents (which they’ve never forgot!) only for him to tell me later on that day in private that no, he was choosing mine for me! Erm – no! You chose them not me.. I guess one way around that would be for my sons Dad and I to just choose one Godparent each and to then have both my cousins be Godparents too.

Did I mention that it’s probably going to cost an arm, a leg and a kidney! I’d have a whole checklist of things to think of including:

ü Outfits and shoes – because every special occasion deserves a new outfit!

ü Guest list and invitations – not every Tom, Dick and Winston is going to be invited! Close friends and family only.

ü Party venue – we’re going to need somewhere that fits a small island

ü Decorations – because it’s all about the aesthetic these days.

ü Music – we cant have everyone standing in silence or one of those DJ’s that talks over every song and plays Proclaimers - I'm gonna be on repeat

ü A cake, food, beverages and snacks – forget everyone else, I for one am going to be bloody starving after running around trying to make the day go as smoothly as possible

ü Tableware – I feel like this one is obvious..

There’s probably a load of things I’ve missed too. Gosh, I’m really overthinking things and it’s only been a few days since I was asked! What to do…

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