Toddler travel activities for under £8

The holiday season is upon us! If like me you’re going away with little ones in tow then you’re also dreading the travel part of your holiday.. Up until now I’ve really struggled with trying to keep my boy entertained on-the-go for more than ten minutes without having to resort to pulling out his Kindle or having him rip my phone out of my hand. Fortunately, after a quick Amazon search I found a few things that managed to keep my boy entertained for the 3 ½ journey to Alton Towers for his birthday.

Usborne Jungle Magic Painting Book, £4.99

All you need is a paint brush (supplied) and some water and you’re good to go.. All your toddler has to do is dip their paintbrush into some water and swipe it across the page and watch as the paper magically transforms into colour. This mess-free painting alternative went down a treat with my boy; he was amazed by the water changing from clear to colour on the page. The pages are nice and thick (perfect for heavy handed paws) and the handy cardboard insert stops water transferring through the pages onto the rest of them. These are really handy to have about the house too when your little'un has decided colouring pencils just wont do. Top tip: use a small water bottle to minimise spillages. The magic painting book can be purchased here 

Wipe clean activity books 

If you’re looking for less chances of spillages then wipe clean books are the way to go. I liked not having to carry around reems of paper and a hundred pens and pencils. There are so many different character and theme variations to choose from but I opted for a Bing (£5.38) and a dinosaur one (£4.99). Each came with a free black erasable marker but you can always buy coloured ones. I'll be honest, he was covered in pen for the majority of our train journey but it washed out easily - plus he was more than content so I cant complain..

Cheese lacing game, £7.99

This was the one I was most reluctant about buying but the one he ended up going back to it again and again. Essentially its just a wooden block shaped like a block of cheese and a wooden stick on a string that can be looped through the holes. It reminded me of whenever I've brought something for my son but he's more interested in playing with the boring box! It's the simplicity that keeps them entertained.. You can purchase the Cheese Lacing Game here

*******All of the prices were correct at the time of publishing******

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