You Can Never Be Too Careful..

A few nights ago was like any other Wednesday evening.. Relaxing at my nans house while my boy was kept occupied by various family members. I glanced up at my younger cousin who was curled up on the sofa trying to catch a few minutes of shut-eye as my boy has run circles around her the past few hours. BBC iPlayer had his attention - a TV show my household is more than familiar with; Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures. Great! I had about 15 minutes before I absolutely had to get up and load up the next episode. The sweltering heat had me unwilling to move unless completely necessary and I was using my little bit of me time very wisely – flicking through Facebook, having a stalk (as you do).... Nothing new really.

Football is coming home...

Love Island’s Josh is a scumbag..

Team Georgia…

Jack & Dani couple goals..



Another meme...

Then a somewhat vaguely familiar face pops up on my feed (someone who was in the same year as me at school who I’m sure I unfriended in a mass unfollow years ago. I don’t think I actually ever interacted with them) with the word ‘CHARGED’ printed at the bottom of their picture. Intrigued, I read on:

Predator down: ********** from ******* due to appear in court’

Wait what?? Turns out this person was caught by one of those anti-peado sting operations when a team went undercover using a decoy 14yr old to lure this person out.

That’s crazy! I’m not going to sit here and bash this persons character as I never knew them on a personal level (obviously, it goes without saying that what they did was wrong and disgusting on every level and I’m in no way defending that) but it’s just sickening (and not the Drag Race definition) to think that someone I crossed paths with has allegedly arranged to meet up with what they thought was a 14yo girl for sex.

I don’t even know where I’m going with this post tbh… I think the whole situation just served as a reminder that you can really never be too careful. I’m already so wary with who I have around my son but it just goes to show how careful you really have to be. I think that’s one of the reasons I’m so hesitant to date too because eventually I’m going to have to introduce that person to my son and they’re going to be around each other a lot.

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