Alton Towers Cheat Sheet: All the ride restriction information you could possibly need!

As promised, here are a few Alton Towers tips and tricks and a cheat sheet with all of the ride restrictions in one place, saving you the trouble of having to fish about for ages on their website and app, or god forbid – having to run back and forth through crowds of people on the day!

My son and I stayed at the Alton Towers Hotel a few months ago – we used a cheeky trick that saved us upwards of £80 on our short break (which included a two night stay in the Alton Towers Hotel, Mini golf, Waterpark access and two days’ worth of theme park access) here. You can also finds a review of the Arctic Explorer rooms at the hotel here


·       It’s always cheaper to book in advanced – the earlier you book the cheaper you’re likely to get your tickets. Booking you tickets here.

·       When booking in advanced take advantage of the optional add ons – sometimes you’re given exclusive discounts not available on the day such as cheaper meals, drinks and car parking.

·       Consider an annual ticket if you plan on returning – again check their website here as they often do discounts on their seasonal passes.

·       You can also save money by booking your train tickets in advanced too – I usually use The Trainline

·       Stoke-On-Trent is the most accessible and closest station to the resort. I opted to pre-book a cab with Alton Towers Taxis, who were reliable and friendly. The fare came to around £20 each way for two passengers and light luggage
·       Head for the most popular rides and attractions first during peak times to get them over and done with.
·       When in Cbeebies Land sit front and centre during the Big Fun Showtime performances to increase your chances of meeting the characters faster at the end.

·       Bring your own lunch! – I’ve said this so many times because theme park food is usually always overpriced. Even if it’s just a few bottles of drinks and some nibbles, it makes a difference.

You can find the printable cheat sheet with all of the ride restriction information here.

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