Chessington World of Adventures Cheat Sheet: All the ride restriction information you could possibly need!

So, I ended up going to Chessington World of Adventures few months ago with my mother and son. I didn’t really take advantage of everything Chessington park had to offer if I’m honest as it was my first time taking my son to a theme park and I was all over the place. I’m not going to bore you with a looooong review on the pros and cons as well as my likes and dislikes – you can find a plethora of them on Google! Instead, I’m going to make your visit 1000x easier by sharing some tips and giving you all the ride restriction information you’ll need on the day (because for some reason their website doesn't seem to have it all in one place!). You’re welcome… 


·       It’s always cheaper to book in advanced – the earlier you book the cheaper you’re likely to get your tickets. Booking you tickets here.

·       When booking in advanced take advantage of the optional add ons – sometimes you’re given exclusive discounts not available on the day such as cheaper meals, drinks and car parking.

·       Consider an annual ticket if you plan on returning – again check their website here as they often do discounts on their seasonal passes. Find out more here.

·       You can also save money by booking your train tickets in advanced too – I usually use The Trainline

·       Chessington South is the closest train station but it isn’t step free so keep that in mind if you’re travelling with a buggy or large groups of small children.

·       Don’t waste your money on a cab/bus from the station as its about a 10-15minute walk – it isn’t as long as it seems.

·       Head for the most popular rides and attractions first during peak times to get them over and done with.

You can find the printable cheat sheet with all of the ride restriction information here.

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