Crafty Hack: Quickly Clean Arts and Crafts

So, you’re two weeks into the summer holidays and are fed up with the big clean up job after the household arts and crafts sessions. You’re considering packing away the glitter and glue guns for good because there are still bits of glitter in every crack and cranny but you haven’t got anything else to keep the little’uns occupied. You gave in and after a long afternoon doing arts and crafts your kids have found themselves bored and ready for the next activity. They’re covered in glitter and about to make a run for it. Do you:

A)    Hope they stay still long enough for you to risk a run for the hoover (and back)?
B)    Strip them down butt naked and pray that you wrapped up every last piece in their clothing?

The answer is C) Use this hack! Which allows you to then do A and B with ease if you wish. So what is it? A lint roller. I’m not going to patronise you by telling you how to use a lint roller so here’s a Top tip: It’s also handy for getting glitter out of awkward nooks and crannies too!

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