Review: Dinosaurs in the Wild! – Why this attraction is every dinosaur lovers dream!

Getting there

By public transport:

The venue itself is about a 10 minute walk from North Greenwich Underground Station, which is fully accessible from street level to platform. Exit the station in the direction of the O2 dome, take a right at Wagamama and follow the signs and footprints. Alternatively, you can head to the bus station outside of the station and head to the following bus stops:

Bus stop A (161, 472), Bus stop B (108, 422, 486), Bus stop C (129, 132). They are all one stop to the Dinosaurs in the Wild location.
By car:
Pop ‘Dinosaurs in the Wild’ into Google Maps.
You can find more travel information here

The Experience
Dinosaurs in the Wild is billed as a journey 67million years back in time where you can explore some of the mightiest dinosaurs ever to walk the earth. I didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t read up on it too much, I just knew we were ‘travelling back in time to see some dinosaurs’. I didn’t expect much and assumed it’d be a bit like the Natural History Museum and the somewhat boring animatronics – boy was I wrong! 

We started off with a quick bag check and a short wait in an airport departure style lounge. There is an opportunity to buy food and drink before you enter the experience but only water is allowed to be taken in. You can also check your bag into the cloakroom at the entrance and there is ample buggy space. The toilets are also located in this area and include one (yes, just one!) baby changing facility in the disabled toilet. They were pretty clean, just swarmed with midgy flies.

After a quick bum change (TMI) my boy was good to go! When our time slot came around we were invited to form an orderly queue to take photos in front of a green screen then follow the queue to a small room where we watched our first safety video of the day – little reminders that you shouldn’t run, wander off, to always listen to your guide and to put your UV protecting safety glasses when prompted. Don’t worry, the whole experience was safe – it’s just a fun way of making sure the kids kept their glasses on during the 3D intervals.

Our adventure had started! I don’t want to give too much of the experience away so I’ll be brief and say that we entered the time machine and went back in time (duh!) to the Chronotex Timebase 67 research facility where we were invited to roam various labs, dinosaur holding rooms and even see a dinosaur get dissected. The ending was brilliant (this is the part that isn’t suited for younger kids and those who scare easy – I even started to forget it was just a simulation at this part and panicked for a second like a donut!) and the actors who interacted with us throughout the experience never broke character once – as a child the experience as a whole would totally be believable.

Overall, I’d say that I really enjoyed myself. Everything was incredibly detailed – from the dinosaurs to the backdrops. As someone with very little interest in dinosaurs in really enjoyed it. It was funny, very engaging and wasn’t just about soaking up a load of information about dinosaurs that you’re bound to forget within minutes. It's 90 minutes of pure entertainment from start to end. When the whole thing is over there’s a gift shop area with a tonne of dino merch and a small area for your kids to unwind and do some colouring activities. You can also purchase the green screen photos you took earlier in the day.
I’d rate Dinosaurs in the Wild a 4.5 out of 5 simply because there wasn’t a lot of variety available in the gift shop. No flash photography was allowed throughout but you’re allowed to take photos and videos along the way. You can find more information about the whole experience here

Dinosaurs in the Wild is at Greenwich Peninsula until September 2nd. It’s not recommended for children under five (because of the ending) and parental discretion is advised. My son is two and was absolutely fine with it all but some children were a bit spooked out. Tickets can be booked here. Children under 2 are free. Adult admission is £29.50 and 3-15yr old tickets are £26. If you head over to Time Out tickets are down to £17.50


Top Tips:

·       Use the toilets as soon as you get there as there are no other opportunities to go when you’re on the experience

·       Sit closest to the green screen to be one of the first to go in

·       For the best views stay closest to the doors to the next rooms
·       The best action happened towards the North side of the viewing deck (this will all make sense on the day)!

Here are a few more images from the day..
Yes, that’s Tyrannosaurus Rex poo he’s playing with!

This picture looks blurry because it’s part of the 3D portion (it looks much better in real life!) 

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