Tips to increase your chances of securing CBeebies Panto tickets! (and parent of the year!!)

“In 2017, The Snow Queen attracted over 370,000 ticket applications”

This Friday (28th September) at 9am is your FINAL chance to secure theatre tickets to see this years CBeebies panto production – Thumbelina! I managed to get mine during the first round but here are a few tips that helped me beat the queue and GET SEATS IN THE FRONT ROW! 

1.     Sign up to the AGT Tickets website in advanced to save you time on the day – you can do that here 

2.     Use more than one device to increase your chances of getting the best seats – you might find you’re 759 on one device and 104 on another 

3.     Don’t head straight for the first booking slot available – its more likely to sell out the quickest

4.     Get into the queue before the booking time actually opens! – I went on at 8.50am and was put into a queue waiting room so I only had four minutes to wait when booking actually opened as opposed to the hours people were complaining about online. You have to actually click on the time that you want to be put into the waiting area (see image below)

So there you have it, GOOD LUCK!

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