Review: Winterville, London

I did a review last year when I visited Winterville with my boy but as he’s one year older and able to take advantage of more of what's on offer I thought I'd do an updated post. As before, the overall atmosphere was fun despite the park being nowhere near capacity on the days I’ve visited. The post will continually be updated as and when we visit all of the attractions.

Getting in

Entry to Winterville is free if you’ve pre-booked a ticket to one of their attractions or events. Otherwise its £2-5 per adult depending on which day you visit (under 16s are free!) you can find out more here

You’re hit with the standard bag checks on the way in with the usual guidelines – no weapons etc… Don’t worry if you forgot to get cash out beforehand – there are cashpoints on site. Last year they charged £2.50 per withdrawal.

Top tip: They’re pretty stringent with the opening times and don’t open even a minute before their supposed to so there’s no point heading down early as you’ll only be stuck outside on the common for ages. If you’re in line before opening times its worth not wondering off as the queue can get pretty long.

Ice Skating

The ice rink is located behind the Truck Stop on the right hand side as you enter. At 600sq meters the rink itself isn’t huge and even though it was packed during our session there was enough room to comfortably manoeuvre about without bumping into anybody.

There are conveniently placed loos to the left of the rink before you enter, perfect for a quick pit stop.

The queuing system seemed pretty non-existent when I was there – the majority of parents had no concept of personal space. For safety reasons no personal belongings are allowed onto the rink – super annoying when you have to leave the rink every time you whip your phone out to take photos. There were two members of staff skating around for safety reasons and to ensure no personal belongings or photo taking were on the rink.

You’re able to check two items into the cloakroom for £1. In all honesty it didn’t seem safe to leave any valuables there as the member of staff working the booth left it numerous times during our visit and all of the bags are on show so it really wouldn’t take much for someone to jump in and do one with the contents of everyone’s bags.

Top tip: If you’re hoping to get your mitts onto a penguin (which are £5 each and first come-first severed) then head straight to the cloakroom (the small booth in front of you as you enter the rink area, as they disappear fast! They have height restrictions so measure your kid using the poster on the right of the booth.

Tickets are £10 for adults, £8 for kids and £30 for a family of four.

*****Discount alert: Lambeth and Wandsworth residents enjoy a 50% discount on ice skating sessions  during the week until 7pm (subject to availability).  Local residents can also enjoy a 10% discount on ice skating sessions after 7pm on week days and at the weekend.

Opening hours

Tues-Fri – 15:00 – 22:00

Sat & Sun – 11:00 – 22:00


I have to say that there seemed to be less fairground rides than last year. There’s still quite a bit on offer, from the adults rides, big wheel, dodgems, arcade and even a kids area complete with teacups, cars, helter skelter, trampolines, train rides and much more.

Because the park was empty we didn’t have to queue at all. The rides are cashless and run on a token based system – 10 tokens are £10. In the kids area the rides were on average 2 tokens. In the adults area the tokens were on average 3-5 tokens.

Plonk Golf

I’ve got to say I was quite disappointed with this attraction. Their website bills it as ‘9-hole, UV-powered indoor golf course situated in a converted Dodgems track. The nine hole course features some of Plonk Golf’s favourite obstacles including their Skeeball Holes, new Loop da Loops and plenty of rolling hills’ and although I had fun (mainly because of the company I was with) the atmosphere fell completely flat! There was no music so the overall vibe was really frosty.

Tickets are £7 per adult, £4 per child and £17 for a family of four.

Street Feast

Okay, as expected the food is a little on the pricey side and I can imagine for bigger families will put a dent in the wallet. We visited You Doughnut (somewhere I’ve been dying to try out for aaaages) and got the salted caramel doughnuts, mixed with a blend of peanuts and popcorn for £6. I was disappointed to say the least. The combination seemed really random and misplaced. We also visited Chin Chin Dessert Bar and got the Chin Chin hot chocolate topped with a marshmallow and the sticky toffee pudding (both priced at £4.95). The portions were really small but they were both so delicious and perfect for a cold winter evening. My cousins got the cookie dough and gave it a thumbs up too!

What’s on offer for the kids?

There are also plenty of events for the kids over the upcoming weeks including a kids disco, arty science workshops and shows. For more information head here If crowds aren't your thing i'd reccomend skipping Winter Wonderland and hitting Winterville instead.

15th Nov – 23rd Dec

Clapham Common, Windmill Dr, London SW4 9DE

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