REVIEW: Free Prints Photobooks

How it works

You get one 7x5 photo book every month for FREE! All you have to do is pay for delivery (and any additional pages). You get 20 pages in each photo book to start at no additional cost, but your book can contain up to 150 pages.


You pay a flat delivery charge of £5.99 for your order. Your photo book will arrive in 5-9 days. Upgrading to 1st Class Post will take 3-6 days. The app regularly does promos for cheaper upgrades.


·       ‘Free’ book renews at the start of each month

·       The app is really simple to use – you just pick a layout and drag and drop the images into position

·       You have three different option of book sizes (7x5, 8x6, 11x8)

·       There’s no subscription so you’re not tied into any contracts

·       There’s also the option of ‘free prints’ and ‘free canvases’


·       Some of the pictures are slightly blurry even though the originals (on my phone) are not

·       Cant edit the photos (e.g. lighten them) so you’ll have to do that externally before importing the images to the app

·       The cost of additional pages add up in the end and you can end up paying more than you would regularly with competitors

My verdict:

I ordered an 8x6 book made up of 22 pages and an 8.5x11.5 book made up of 30 pages. The delivery was within the time frame and I was impressed with the overall quality of the books BUT some of the photos were slightly blurry even though the originals on my phone aren’t and the warning icon (which pops up during the editing stage when your putting the layout of the book together if your image quality is going to be reduced because of its size) never indicated that they would be blurry. That being said it’s not a major issue and these books still  make perfect little gifts and memorabilia.

Just keep an eye on the price when you add additional pages because when you get to a certain point you’re better off buying the book elsewhere.

To download the app through the Google Play Store or the Apple Store head over to here

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