Help with teaching your child how to read and write

So, my goal is to get my son reading and writing by the time he’s 3 (even if it’s just identifying letters, his name and sight words). Last week I popped into Waterstones because tbh I have no idea where and how to start the whole learning to read process and I found some useful books and flashcards to help the process along… (Amazon links included)


Collins Easy Learning Flashcards simplify learning to read by using basic designs and bright colours and are a great starting point. We picked up the alphabet and shapes & colours packs and I have no complaints. They even come with handy tips and tricks on how to use them in a fun yet educational way.

For Pen Control

Once your child can identify numbers and letters easily the next step is pen control – holding the pen properly and copying the shapes they see on paper. Wipe clean books are perfect for this. I plan on picking up the Priddy Learning ones as they're the ones that seemed the must fun and colourful.

For Letters/words

For Sight Words

Sight words are commonly used words that young children are encouraged to memorise as a whole by sight, so that they can automatically recognize these words in print without having to use any strategies to decode. E.g. and, the, you, she… 

There’s also a really cool book series by the name of Ant and Bee that highlights sight words for your child to easily spot (pictured below)…

For Numbers

From scowering Google I’ve learned that when teaching a child to read it’s important that you:

1.     Make sure your child understands that books are read from front to back and pages from left to right.

2.     Remember, pronunciation and phonetics are important when making the leap from reading letters to full words

3.    To make learning fun – identifying letters in real life settings can increase familiarity. I found this handy step by step guide here with plenty of ideas of how to make learning to read fun!

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