Potty Training Woes

So at 31 months (that’s just over 2 ½ years old for those of you trying to work it out!) you’d expect us to have made huge strides in the potty training department but, no. He just won’t go. There was a point where my son loved sitting on his potty and the idea of using it (I say the idea because he wouldn’t actually go) – he’d even voluntarily used it without being prompted at one point. But since then I’ve had no luck. 

I usually just leave his potties around the room and every so often remind him that if he needs a wee wee he should pull down his pants and sit on his potty and go but my techniques thus far have been ineffective, unprogressive (I don’t even know if that’s a real word at this point but it sounds like a word so we’ll go with it) and messy (as expected. Puddles… Puddles everywhere!) to say the least!

I’ve tried disposable pull up nappies but he’s so complacent with nappies that the majority of the time he doesn’t bother even trying to make it to the potty.

I’ve tried re-useable nappies but as with the disposable ones he doesn’t even bat an eyelid at the potty.

I’ve tried pants but on the very rare occasion that he does attempt a potty run he pees through them because its taken him so long trying to fumble to get them down.

I’ve even tried stripping him butt naked so he doesn’t have to wrestle to get his pants/nappies down but he’ll sit on his potty for a few minutes, pretend to wee and then make excuses as to why he wants his clothes/nappy back on.

I even resorted to letting have tablet time on the potty with not even a dribble!

No luck! His Dad even came round the other day and tried to get things going in the potty department and struggled just as much as I’ve been. Just between us gorls I have a sneaking suspicion that up until then he thought I’ve just been lazy and haven’t even bothered trying to potty train our son… Well the jokes on him! And me because our son still isn’t potty trained…

My plan was to have a great summer filled with a bunch of outings then focus on potty training in the winter when we’re out and about less but that seems to have backfired because he’s already so headstrong and seems to have decided that the potty isn’t for him.

I've read a bunch of online articles claiming solutions that can potty train within a week - some even with a day with no use. I know that every child goes at their own pace but if you have any ideas on how to help feel free to drop a message into my Insta/Twitter inbox. I’m dying to get this hump over with! 

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