Review: Hotel Chocolat’s Children’s Chocolate Workshop

Like most kids, my son love chocolate so I jumped at the opportunity to try out Hotel Chocolat’s chocolate workshop at Covent Garden. 

What is it?

Essentially, groups of up to 19 children are able to have a quick tour of their basement chocolate making facilities, a quick lesson in where it comes from and the chance of making their own chocolate slabs to take home (well, adding tonnes of tasty toppings to readymade slabs).

The sessions last around an hour and cost £20 per child, which can be booked here here. Included in the price is a glass of juice for your child, two chocolate slabs like the ones  shown here  and a chocolate lick lolly.

Our Verdict:

The workshop is designed for kids aged 5 – 13 so I was really hesitant taking my two and a half year old because I didn’t know how well he’d sit still but my son really seemed to love the chocolate workshop, and why wouldn’t he? There was no rule against eating the toppings as you went along – in fact kids were actively told to enjoy themselves, get stuck in and take as many nibbles as they wanted! I think my boy got super carried away towards the end and forgot that he was supposed to be decorating the slabs, not eating all of the toppings! But nobody minded. All of the kids were in their element.

 The session wasn’t at all overcrowded, the staff were extremely friendly and helpful (and most importantly the host was really good with kids!)  and the music made for a nice atmosphere. I even had a cheeky taste of the chocolate too. You can find a video of our session here


  • If you’re going along with your little one I’d definitely keep in mind the  recommended age of 5 – 7. If your child can sit for long periods of time and is good at listening then go for it!
  • Beware, the venue isn’t accessible for pushchairs or wheelchairs!
  • There is a toilet in the room right next to where the session is held. There probably wont be time to go before the session starts. 
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early – any sooner and you’ll have to wander the streets of Covent Garden aimlessly until the chocolatiers are ready at your start time.
  • It’s really easy to get to, just an 8 minute walk from Covent Garden Underground Station (but no step free access here either I'm afraid…)

4 Monmouth St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9HB

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