REVIEW: Tin Pan Annie Classes

Tin Pan Annie is a musical class for toddlers aiming to develop valuable social skills and imagination through song and dance. 

There are three different age group sessions:

·       Bouncing Babies for all sitters and crawlers

·       Terrific Toddlers for 14mths to 2yrs

·       Cheeky Chatters for 2-4yr olds

The classes are held at two different venues: St Luke’s Community Hall (Balham, SW12 8RQ) on Mondays and St Barnabas’ Church (Clapham Common Northside, SW4 9SW) from Tuesdays to Fridays. For the full timetable head to here

Drop in sessions are £10 per child per class/ £14 for 2 siblings. You can book online via HOOP here or pay at the sessions (it’s also handy to note if you do this you’re probably better off paying by cash as the signal in St Barnabas’ Church isn’t great for making card payments). You can also book a regular weekly slot for a 15% reduction (minimum 5 classes) at £8.50 per child per class/£12 for 2 siblings.

Our Verdict

The cheeky chatters sessions always follow the same structure: an introductory song where everybody introduces themselves (in song) along with wooden sticks that the children hit together with the beat of the music, some more songs where the kids get to move about freely and play little instruments, a story based on the theme of the day (for instance a boat, animals or foods), some more songs and the closing ‘bubbles song’ complete with a bubble machine.

Parents/guardians are responsible for their children and must stay in the session with them. With all classes you get a few kids that just go off and completely do their own thing and I must say that Annie handles herself really well in these instances, remaining calm and patient. If coercing them to join in doesn’t work she merely lets them do their own thing until their ready to join in, which is great as the class continues without disruption. It’s also perfect for little’uns that find it hard to concentrate on one thing and like to wonder off because eventually they all seem to come back because they’re mesmerised with what’s going on.

The energy is always high in the sessions, particularly when they’re full which is great so we always ended the sessions on a high (even when my little’un was knackered because it’s take a lot out of him). I must add that Annie is wonderful and the kids all seem to gravitate towards her and love her too!

Tin Pan Annie has been a great class to start off with (we hadn’t been to any other classes before) and I’d go as far as saying it was instrumental in giving my son more independence (when we first started he was afraid to go off by himself and would always make sure I was close but after around 4 sessions he was more confident and settled).  It’s also been great for developing his speech skills (because all of the singing), in developing his listening skills (when listening to Annie’s instructions), encouraging movement (through dance) and gaging rhythm (through his use of instruments).

Tin Pan Annie’s musical streaming platforms have all recently been updated making it easier for children to learn all of the songs at home (you can find them here )

Overall, we’ve really enjoyed our time at Tin Pan Annie’s sessions because of its feel good factor and cant wait to go back!

For more information head to the Tin Pan Annie website

All views and opinions are my own and all information was correct at the time of publishing. Please check the official website listed above for updates.

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