Brooklands Museum, Weybridge (Review)

What is it?

Brooklands Museum is the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation. You’ll find plenty to do for all ages including a 4D cinema, Concorde tour and classic car and bus rides. You can find a map of the museum here with all of its attractions
Adult £16
Child £9
Under 5s FREE
Family of 4 £42

Additional charges
Bus rides £1pp
Classic car rides £1pp
Concorde experience adults £5, children £3
4D Theatre adults £4, children £2

You can book your tickets here and find out what events are on They’ve even put together a handy guide for making the most out of your visit with kids visit with kids


There are plenty of toilets (including disabled ones) and baby changing facilities dotted around on site. There’s also a café with plenty of seating, a soft play area within the café, a mini arcade and a gift shop.

Getting there

The postcode is KT13 0SL
By car
If you choose to drive there’s a car park on site which is free.

By train
The closest station is Weybridge (which is step free). From there its about a 20 minute walk (on small pavements very close to a busy roadside) or a 10 minute Uber/cab that’s about £8-10 each way.
You can’t use an oyster card at Weybridge station.

Our Verdict

Although the museum isn’t actually in London the train journey really wasn’t long at all. From Clapham Junction it was about half an hour and costed under for a £10 return.

It’s quite similar to the London Transport Museum so if you’ve been there before you’d know what to expect (just with a lot more arm room and completely less packed – if you’ve been to LTM on a weekend then you know the pain). When we first got there I really thought we were going to be disappointed because it looked really small but even after spending full day there we still didn’t get to see/do everything – I was pleasantly surprised at how much there was for my 2yo to do there.

We started by exploring the planes/concords followed by a round of the bus museum, a ride on an old route master around Weybridge, more of the museum, had a ride in a classic car and finished off with the concord experience and like I said there are many things we didn’t get to see.

The Displays
There’s a pretty nice collection of planes, buses and motorcycles on display as well as their components. The smaller displays are geared more at older guests as there’s a lot of reading involved in order to understand the importance in the history of the items. The larger scale exhibits (as in the vehicles) are great for all of the family – especially being able to get into some of the buses. There were a few activity stations dotted around too which were a great way of keeping my son entertained. The layout of the Bus Museum portion was really well thought out – although there was only one way round you were free to hop on and off buses (not all of them) and go around them too. One of the buses even allowed access to the driver’s seat which as you know kids go crazy for.

The Entertainment
My son really enjoyed the mini ride along cars and planes and it was a nice break having walked around all day. Don’t worry if your child is too small to peddle – there are poles that you can use to push them around in them and even peddle-less cars.

I was very dubious about taking a ride in the classic cars for two reasons. No seatbelts and a very steep incline over a huge hill so my fidget bum son would probably end up falling out. For an overprotective parent who is scared of heights I’m glad we took the risk because there’s something serene about driving around in the back of a topless classic car with the wind blowing through your hair (even if it did turn my hair into one big tangled Afro).

The bus route was long (bring water). I’m not sure how long it went on for, I’m tempted to say about 10-15 minutes... Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it but after the first 5 minutes or so the novelty had worn of and it became just another boring bus journey for my son because we ride on them all of the time. He did find it interesting paying for his ticket and watching the conductor wind his gizmo and a ticket popping out.  

I quite liked the Concorde experience. I mean how many people can say they’ve been in a Concorde and sat in seats that would have costed anywhere between £4000-8000 a ticket? There’s a bit of repetition in that the guide explains the history of the Concorde before you board and when you’re on board it’s then reiterated in a video. My son was getting fidgety at this point because we’d packed so much into the day already and there was a lot of listening involved but he seemed to enjoy himself when we moved to the front of the Concorde and ‘took flight’ (lights, movement and sounds imitated what it would have been like to take off, be a passenger on and land in a Concorde).

This has to be one of the best make and takes we’ve boon to so far – my son made a small metal plane toy (in the picture below. Check the video link below and swipe to the last video to see how it was made).

We didn’t get a chance to do the 4D cinema.

The Facilities
Toilets were very clean and easy to locate. The only downside to visiting here would be that if the weather is crap that you’re gonna have to trail through mud to get to a lot of the planes.

We really enjoyed our visit and it had such a homely feel to it (you’ll see why when you visit). All of the staff members and volunteers were really friendly and accommodating and were passionate about the exhibits which was nice because sometimes when you visit places the staff clearly don’t give a toss and don’t want to be there.

You can find a short video of our visit here


  • I’d steer clear if the weather is looking gloomy as the planes and concordes are outside and you have to walk through mud/grass to get to them.
  • Bring a packed lunch along with you and enjoy it outside on sunny days.
  • Bring lots of pound coins (or change in general) for the attractions. There’s a cashpoint at the train station
  • If you’re travelling from Clapham Junction sit towards the back of the train so you don’t have to walk the full length of the platform when you get to Weybridge
  • Book your Concorde experience at for start of your trip in case your little’uns get restless

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