Google search: *** How long can my toddler survive on custard creams??? ***

All my sons eaten all day is biscuits.

Bourbon biscuits…

Choco Leibniz biscuits…

and sh*tloads of custard creams.

Oh, and nibbles of bread (with a side of pumpkin & corriander soup).

By choice may I add.

You see, he’s got a bout of the flu (we’ll actually it’s probably just the common cold) complete with a temperature, snotty nose, bad cough and some good old projectile vomiting… So, sorry if you were expecting to open this post and see an odd experiment unfolding.
Every ten minutes or so I find myself asking him if he’s hungry (even venturing to the kitchen and returning with light meals) but alas he doesn’t want to know. So biscuits it is for the foreseeable future until he’s happy enough to eat properly again. I know he’s ill and I should just let him eat whatever he can keep down but I’m really starting to wonder how long a toddler can last on custard creams (hence the Google search). Plus, panic is kicking in as our stash is running low. Pray for us. It’s going to be a long couple of days.

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